I am Astrid and I am 10 years old. My favorite color is purple and I love to play hockey. It is my favorite sport that I have played for four yeas now! I really enjoy playing it. I have worked really hard on this website so I hope you enjoy it. I go to HKA (Hong Kong Academy). And I really love it there! My teacher is called Andy Birch but we can call him Andy or Mr. Birch. My Co-Teacher is Sally Leung but we call her Sally. I am in G5AB. I am on bus 9 together with Olivia from G5SM and Abby from G5SM. Darcy isn't in my bus but she is in my busline. In the morning I take a different bus, bus 2. With Ella and Daksha from G5AB. I have a dog called Einstein that flew over from Belgium, He is a pug and he is 4 years old now. My family and I got him in the Netherlands. I am half Dutch and half American. My dad is Dutch and my mom is American. I have lived in Belgium for 7 years and before that in America for three years. I count myself more as an American because that is where I was born.

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All about me

Name: Astrid

Nick Name(s):
Ash, Ashy, Ashley, Awwie

10 years old

Favorite Movie(s):
17 again, Land Of The Lost, The Men Who Stare At Goats

Favorite Color:

Best Friends In Belgium:
Jasmine, Meja, Scott

Best Friends In Hong Kong:
Clio, Grace (She moved away but i have no idea where she is now, so I am just going to say that she is in Hong Kong), Sidhonie

Favorite Food: Dumplings

Favorite Singers: Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Demi Lovato

Favorite Band(s): Jonas Brothers, Green Day

Favorite TV Show: Glee

Sport: Field hockey

Instrument: Clarinet, piano

Favorite Animal: Panda, Dolphin, ALSDK