Rules /Guidelines

1. work together
2. communicate with each other
3.Agree with each others Ideas
4.Try your best
5.Never give up
6.Be a risk-taker
7.take your time and thinking about problems
8.Try and help each other
9.Try and have fun

Animal Rescue

We are going to teach people that want to know how to groom your cat.
Animal Rescue will have a donation box that goes to the SPCA so that they can spend the money for equipment for the animals' cages.

Bad News

People always go for the puppies when they are buying one. There are more older dogs in the SPCA and other places like that because nobody wants them. If you want a dog than get one; But please take a dog that has been spending his life in the shelter because we don't want then to stay there lonely without someone to love them. "Puppies," people say. "Are younger witch gives them more energy and people think they are cuter then the older dogs."
I agree with them and that is the reason. Please help those dogs and give them a home. And lots of your love. Go for the ones that are like 1 or 2 years old. Or go older. We need you to help because dogs aren't living the best life ever in the shelter in a cage.