Go here to learn about our unit in Mandarin.
Today is casual dress day! We all dressed up in our own clothes. But you don't have to. If you do, you have to donate money in the pot in your classroom. The money wen to UNICEF today to help the people in Haiti with the earthquake that happened there.
Go here to help people with no food and the big earth quake in Haiti. Also help the animals and all the other things that are going wrong. Just by one click on the big colored button you can can save animals and people. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Go to that website now!!!!
My grandpa is leaving today in the afternoon...
Sunday we went to the ladies market and the goldfish market. Saturday we went to eat in my mom's work building the IFC. In this really good Chinese restaraunt  and it was soooooo good. Sadly he is leaving today and I will miss him.
Animal Rescue is working and trying really hard to help these animals find a home. Go to the page 'Animal Rescue' to read the newest information about the animals at the SPCA. I really care about animals so please help us! We will be putting a donation box on the roof top for you to donate money any time. AND if you are looking for a pet please try going to the SPCA to look there too. Thanks!
I finally got my pictures for the chocolate bar. Here they are. One with just me. Then there is my favorite picture of the field trip today.
Today we went to the Nunnery. It was very interesting for me because I got to see all the special gods. They were very pretty and interesting and very big. I loved to look at them and there were more than one. I think they were made out golden leaf. It was really big!!!!! They had a bunch of little rooms with all their gods in it. I saw the monk come in and give the gods food. They had really pretty and detailed cups with food in for the gods. There was fruit and rice for them. And there was also a donation box for people to give money for the nunnery so that it would stay here and also they believe that it will bring good luck to the person who donated the money. I thought it was very beautiful with all the really interesting trees that are really old and how they have grown. It also had this little room with a bunch of models of the buildings in the nunnery. It also had really big ones and they were so detailed it was amazing!!! It had little Christmas lights in it to be the main lite for the model.
Then we walked back to the bus and in our school. I had a great time there and I learned a lot!

My grandfather came to Hong Kong Sunday morning and we went to stanley to have lunch there and show him around a bit. He came all the way from Chicago! We had ice cream too. Then on Monday my brother didn't go to school so that he could show my grandpa HK park. And the zoo in front of my building. Than they went home and my sister and I came home from school. Than on Tuesday I was sick, but I didn't want my grandpa to do nothing all day and stay home with me, so we hiked up the Peak to go to the Peack Tower. Than we had lunch up there and took the Peak tram down. My sister came down with my brother after that. Wednsday we had to go to school, so he was just working for the morning and then brought us up the Peak (with the tram) to have dinner. Tomorrow will be tricky, because I don't know what he's going to do without anyone who knows something about Hong Kong alone for 7 hours. But we'll figure something o

We went to the Islamic Center on Monday. We had to go all the way up to the 6th floor. Then we all sat down and a guy called Imam Yang explained everything you could know about Islam.  If you don't remember why we went to the Islamic Center, the reason is because we are writing an essay about all the kinds of religions we went to go visit. Imam said that the religion Islam started when the first man/woman came to this world. We had to cover our hair because that is what the ladies in that religion have to wear. the girls in our class had to wear it for respect to their religion. I didn't really understand what he said sometimes, but I learned a lot.
At school we were asked to think about our goals and I would like to talk about future goals, and school goals. I want to be a writer when I grow up and to make sure that happens I think I should write a blog post every day to practice and keep up with my writing. I want to be good at this so if I have time after or in school my goal is also to write two posts or at least start writing one. My school goal is passing my typing test every Monday (that's when we have the test).  By practicing at home and not be distracted by anyone who is not doing their work, paying attention or talking to me while they should be working on their typing test. My goal last year (still in grade five just in 2009) was to be better at math, I think I have improved. Although I would like to focus more on my work in math so that is still one of my goals I would like to work on.