I have been working really hard on my exhibition project, like working on our action ideas and stuff. But yesterday, when I was sitting down writing in my journal, Andy mentioned something I would never have thought of before. He said that our perspective about child labor is that it is bad and we want the children to learn and go to school. But other people might think that it is good because that is the only way to earn money, or like Erin said: 'I think it is good because it shows them who is boss' I don't take it badly or anything. But I sent an email to everyone in grade 5 asking what their perspective is. It gave me a lot to think about that night so I talked to my mom about it. We sent an email because we thought it would help us with action ideas. Because that thought changed all of my ideas. My perspective about child labor changed. I think it is bad for them because they want to learn and go to school. They don't belong in a factory working all day. But that is the only way they are going to earn money. So if we take that away from them, they won't have any money for food and they will end up dead. But if we could find a way for school with out paying, that would be cool. But I still think that the children should work in a healthy environment. At least have more food and have access to a toilet. And clean water. Like Nike they have earned millions each year and still have not spent a cent on the kids. I want to change that. I have not had a mentor meeting for a while so I want to make one as soon as possible. My goal for this holiday is to finish a lot of pages in my journal and to think of at least one more action idea. Then I will help organize the wiki and plan a mentor meeting. I try to write down everything and take a lot of notes for this unit. I really want to impress the teachers and show them what I can do. I am not sure what my partner, Olivia is doing for the holidays. But we will definetly assign some homework for ourselves. I have got some replies from some students and the grade 5sm co-teacher Kasumi. I hope it will help me with action ideas. So, that was my reflection of the exhibition. Thank you!
This was the first activity we ever did this year in grade 5. Alone. We wrote down on a piece of paper which learner profile describes us best. Then we have to write why. But only for one of them. We had to print out a picture of ourselves and then glue everything on a different piece of paper. The three learner profiles I chose were, Thinker, Caring and Risk-Taker. I wrote why I am a risk-taker. And down bellow says why. And the completed project. Everyone had to do it. First I thought it wouldn't look good, but it turned out to be pretty amazing. I worked really hard writing it, decorating it, writing with different fonts, cutting everything out perfectly and especially looking good on the picture. I always look bad on pictures where I am super close to the camera and my head is the only thing in the pic. My face like puffs up and I look like a total geek! At least the picture wasn't to bad.
I think I am not much of a thinker now. Because I get a bit stressed if I spend too long time on a question. Or if I am taking a tested and I am the last one taking it, everyone finished. I sort of rush through it then and I get most things wrong. If I were to replace that learner profile, I would say I am more of a reflector now. And maybe open-minded. I am having a bit trouble making up my mind of those two. But I would choose reflective because I use my blog a lot to reflect on what I did every day. And Open-minded because I am always there for my friends. I don't care if someone is different from me. And I am always looking for another friend. But some of my friends give up on me and move on. This is why I try to be friendly to others.
  My family and I do earth hour whenever we here the news. It means a lot to us. What we do is turn off all the electricity and only use candles for lighting. We usually stay in the living room because there aren't any candles anywhere else. We either play boardgames, talk or ignore each other and do our own thing. That might sound a bit to dramatic so let me just explain it better. We don't ignore each other. We just sort of sit there quietly and read or something. Alone. See, we haven't done it yet because Hong Kong isn't doing earth hour yet. I did it last year. But not many people did that, we were kind of on our own for that one. (I mean in our building) I am sure lots of you guys did it last year. And I hope much more people will do this in 2010.
This whole week our regular teacher Andy wasn't here. So our co-teacher Sally was in charge we all made an agreement that if we behave well, are polite and we will have a big celebration on Thursday during class for half an hour. We were going to watch a movie and people would bring in pop-corn. But we failed and we won't be having a big movie party :( I don't want to blame anybody but I think it is mostly because of the people who were not going to be there then or because they didn't want a movie party or something else. They were ruining it for us! They were being a bit selfish.But that is not the only reason why. We tried, we failed, but we could have had a chance.
On Sunday it was my brother's birthday and we didn't do much but we did go to the R66 at the top of the hopwell centre. It was a revolving restaurant that my brother really wanted to go to. It was our first time in there. There was a big buffet and lots of old people. It smelled really bad in some parts but luckily we weren't in that particular part. There was a live singer too! Well, two to be exact. The buffet had really good shrimp witch I couldn't get enough of. Then came the best part of all, DESERT! There was a chocolate fountain, But that didn't surprise me so much, I see it all the time. There was cake and there was vanilla frosting. I took lots of marshmellows and strawberries and dipped them in the fountain. Then I had a big piece of cake with more chocolate from the fountain. It was really good. I had a great time. Then we took a special kind of elevator down that had glass around it so we could see across HK. It was really pretty! Then we went home and my brother went to bed. I stayed up doing the rest of my HW. It was a fun day you know, having a playdate with my friend, eating at a restaurant I always wanted to eat at, and seeing all the cool presents my brother got, my mom and I bought him a remote control star wars air plain. That is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen! We play with it all the time!
On Sunday I went to Clio's house. First when I got there, we ate at my favorite restaurant called Christal Jade. Her mom, dad, sisters, brother went with us. We were there for a really long time eating a disgusting amount of food. Then we got some frozen yogurt and and got a ride home. We dropped all of her siblings off and her parents gave us a ride to the park. We got some money and bought candy. Only Clio did, but I got a lolly pop at the end. We walked around a little bit and talked for a while. Then we walked down and we saw a really fat cat just sitting outside a really old house. Clio and I stopped walking and looked at the cat. All of a sudden the cat opened it's mouth and let out a loud scary shrieking sound. Clio and I ran away from it as fast as we could and bought more food. Then Clio showed me a secret way out of the park. We took that way and walked down a big hill. I saw a really big shell and wondered what was inside it. But it was so old and gross so I didn't want to. Clio ended up flipping it over for me and we saw this brown slimy sticky gross thing inside of it. It was so gross! It was a bit weird. Then we walked and talked some more and called her parents so that they could come pick us up. Her driver drove to the park and drove Clio and I home. We went to the game room and tested out her microphone, and it made a big loud peeping sound. We tried to make all the sounds witht he microphone possible. Then we played some of her instruments and sat down. We played a game that Clio kept beating me at. We had a drink and then her driver drove me home. Her dog jumped in the car with us and kept walking over me! Then I got home and wished my brother a happy birthday.
Grade 5 Four Square Guidelines / Rules
1. Players should have respect and good sportsmanship
2. Everybody is playing for themselves.
3. No teaming up on other people.
4. There is no insulting or laughing at someone because he either missed a shot or he is not so good at four square.
5. Take care of how hard and where you hit the ball when you have a big chance to smack it.
6. The judge should be fair. (call loudly)
7. The judges decision is final.
8. Players should not try to influence the judge.
9. The judges should call people out for teaming up on other people.

Comment to tell me if you agree with the four square rules that were written by the people who play four square.
This morning we had the grade 4 play. They obviously worked hard on every little bit of the play. But I was stilla little jealous that they got access to a lot more things then we had last year. They got to play on the stage, we had to play on the gym floor. They got to have costumes, we had to be in our school uniforms except for three people, They got to use sound affects and lighting, We on the other hand had to make the noises ourselves and didn't get any lighting. Their performance was a bit more enterteining to watch then ours and it was way longer. It didn't have much of a point or a problem. Ours had a point and a problem. But their's was funny cause they got to dance and fight and put funny bits in it. It was fun to watch and they did really well, but it would be perfect if there was a problem or else it would be boring. It had a bunch of different parts in it and they were all really random. But for the rest I loved it! Good job to grade 4!
Yesterday I went home with Sidhonie for a sleep-over. I had lots of fun and it felt like a Friday. First Sidhonie went to OT so I had to wait in Dr. Andy's office. I did all my homework and went on his computor. Then Sid was done and Dr. Andy came in. He wasn't there when I was. We called Dr. Merris and walked to her car. Then we drove to Stanley market and got some Mcdonalds. When we got to her house her cat was right by the door and it was kind of hard to get in with out the cat, Cookie running out. We went in her room and then had our Mcdonalds dinner. We watched American Idol and then a bit of glee. Sidhonie finished her homework and then we went in her room and played some DS. Last time I went to her house I got her to world 4 by doing the castle in mini mario form on the game super mario bros. Tjis time I did a bit of world four for her and got her to world five. it was really fun! Then we needed to go to bed. But I couldn't sleep at all. At about 2 AM, Cookie cam in my bed and walked on my face. He wanted to sleep at the top of the bed so he kept pushing me away. Then I woke sid up and she got rid of him. But right when she fell asleep, he came back on. I couldn't seep at all so I woke her up again. Then I went to sleep and whe came back. This time I was mor agressive and pushed him away. Sid was still sleeping. He came back and this time I shook the covers and made a wal so he couldn't get to the other side. Then he left and came back later. I just learned to ignor im but that was hard when he was walking on my face and jumping in my pillow. I fell asleep with him by my feet and then got woken up by getting an allarm clock in my face! It was ticking really loudly and I was so scared! Then Sidhonie was all awake and I was still half sleeping. I wasn't used to getting ready that fast. We only had 20 minutes to eat, get dressed, brush teeth and hair and walk the cat. It usually takes 1 hour or 1 hour and a half for me to get ready. We got a ride to school and we were super early! We were there before Andy! Then we went to the classroom and got a computor. I had a lot of fun that day and what better way to start it with a grade 4 play! I will tell you all about that later...
I live in Hong Kong and go to the school HKA. I am from Belgium but I was born in the U.S. My dad is Dutch and my mom is American. Witch makes me half dutch and half American. I can speak Dutch and English and a bit of French.(Witch I totally forgot when I moved to HK)