This morning my bus driver skipped my stop. He didn't feel like coming so he just drove past us. He has done that before to other people, sometimes he just skips people randomly. So we waited for 20 minutes and then my sister went to see what time it was. It was really late an the bus wasn't there so I took a taxi to school. And luckily taxis are fast other wise I would have missed the assembly. My brother was in the assembly and he played the goose in a play where the sky was falling. I helped make the costume for my brother and it was really cool but he didn't want to wear it. So I was sad :(
In grade 4 I was learning about child labour, and I found it really interesting. I wanted to learn more about it but we didn't get to do the presentation on all the great research we had. For the exhibition, I would like to choose child labour.I really want to focus more on that and make a difference.  UNICEF is an organization that helps children like that. And Rugmark too. My old helper in Belgium, goes to India a lot and helps the poor people there and helps stop the child labour, so that they can go to school. I would like to interview her about that and ask her some questions so it could help my group more. I am in a group with Olivia Van Honk. But we will have to take action in HK. So we'll try to contact some other people who know more about this and maybe have a little field trip somewhere.
We are really focusing on the exhibition, even though it is in two months! Andy made this video on Animoto. It's about what we have done so far in class.
On Sunday I went to Darcy's party. It was really fun because first we saw a movie that I have been dying to see. 'Alice In Wonderland' It is the newest version of it and it was really cool, freaky, weird, funny, kind of scary and fun. It didn't make much sense to me at first but then I started to understand it a bit more. The people that were invited were Gigi, but she couldn't come, Clio, Maggy, Me, Emma, Darcy herself. We came to her house and then ate some pizza and played Band hero for the rest of the time. I have played Band Hero before, but the way Darcy played it was really...different. Anyway I had lots of fun. And when everyone was gone, I left in a taxi by my self. The taxi dude was really weird. He didn't know where to go when I kept repeating where to go. And then he called lots of people asking them where to go. I was in the taxi forever. It was weird and creepy how he didn't know how to get to the other side of the road. (Basically) I was in there for about 20 minutes and I told him to pull over because I knew where to walk home from there but then he started to yell at me and talk chinese. We were driving the whole way but the wrong directions even though I told him where to go. When I got home, I never wanted to take a taxi by my self ever again.
Blogging isn't just fun to do but also to read. You can learn from it. For example, if someone writes some cool facts about something you could learn about that, or you could learn about different styles of writing people have. It is also fun to write your own because you can share what you did today, yesterday, or are going to do. You can share some pictures and tell people all about the awesome adventures you have been through your whole life. I really love to blog because I love to make up my own stories, edit them a lot, and then turn them into books. Blogging is a way for me to learn this. And this is why YOU should blog.
Sports day was really fun. We went to Aberdeen to do this. There was a big race track in a circle and in the inside there was a big grass field. First we just walked around yelling our chant. And every time Andy yelled 'Dead Ants' we had to pretend we were dead on the floor. We watched the middle school people run for a while and then we started to play sports games. First we played the game wich was a soccer game but we split up in two groups and then we had to dribble around a bunch of cones and try to score. I think I was pretty good at being the goal keeper. But for the rest I think I am very bad at playing the actual game. Then we played a game where we all had to line up next to a cone and throw a tenis ball from one side of the line to the other as fast as we could. My group lost the first round but we won the second one. Then we ate our snack and ran around yelling our chant a little more. We filled up our water bottles and played some more games. I can't remember all the games we played and all the games we played in a row. But I remember that we played flag football, the three footed race, I'm late for school, Running race, Sponge wars or something, and a game where you get big bouncy balls and you had to do different activities with them. Last but not least we did the running race. We only had to run 100 meters. I had to go to the bathroom because I was so nervous. So it slowed me down and I only came in fourth. We also had lunch but that was before this. Then we all got together and split up in our bus lines. Some people went ice scating with somw class members but I didn't. I had a playdate with Abby, but that is a whole different story.
Today we were talking about the different kind of questions we will have to ask for our problem in the exhibition. See, we all have to choose our two favorite problems out of the list we made of problems. Then we had to make a big poster of all the questions we want to know the answer of and find research on the web. This is a link to our exhibition page where we will write about what we were doing in every lesson. In two months we will be doing the exhibition for real. I will blog as much as I can and tell you what we are doing.
Sunday was my last day in Cebu. We woke up and went to the E-Zone (A room full of fun games to play and electronics) We bought lots of tickets for my brother and I.

My sister went up to the health club to get her nails done. And my mom went to the room to do some packing so that we don't have to rush at the last minute when we leave. I played the percussion freak game and I rocked at it! You choose a song and then you get out the drumming sticks and there was a whole plastic drum set there with different colors of circles around each one. It's just like guitar hero but with the drums and a bit harder because it's not in order. Then I spend all the rest of my coins on a car racing game. I played it for EVER and the first time I was 18th place, the second time I was 14th and the third time I was 12th and the last time I was 8th. It's really fun and addictive.

Then my brother went to get a small pedicure just to get his nails cut normally. Then I cam up and it was my turn. I got a manicure and a pedicure. My nails are super pretty now and it felt really gooooood!

Then we all went to the room to change into our swim suits and we went to the beach, my mom got a foot massage on the beach while the rest of us were playing on the beach or getting s tan. Sadly the only place I got one is on my feet!

I went out snorkeling with my sister and we saw more Clown Fish but this time they were hiding in the anenamie and it would put it's head through the anenamie to see if we were still there and it would start hiding again. It was really cute! But the tide was really low and it was really shallow in the ocean. We allmost touched the coral because it was so shallow. We also saw a sea snake and a jelly fish. 

Then we heard that our room was taken away from us. We didn't own it any more because we had to leave in an hour. So we went to the health club and went into the changing room to get changed in our normal clothes.

Then we went to the lobby so when the bus came, it could drive us to the airport, but then we lost my brother and we looked every where for him. We ended up finding him in the main lobby, and then we went on the bus and it drove us to the airport. I don't think you want to know about the airport. It's never really an entertaining story to hear about the airport.

Anyway, I had lot's of fun and it's weird and sad to say good bye to Cebu, but we can come back anytime!!!