Today is crazy hair day. Everybody goes to school with crazy hair or a crazy hat. I wanted to do a hat, that i added extra stuff on to make it look crazy, but it fell apart and then i just wore my craziest scrunchies that were bright pink and had pink poodles on them. I used them to make really high pinkie-tales. When I got to school, not everyone was wearing a crazy hat or crazy hair. But some people wore really big wigs. And some people didn't wear anything at all. Some people dyed their hair a different color, but I think it just makes your hair look wet. And bad. I did that once, and my hair got really damaged. But other people wore funny hairbands or put accessories in their hair. It was really cool looking. We don't have a contest of the craziest hair at our school, but I like to. So in my head I choose the craziest hair. And today it was Leilanie. She brushed her hair upwards to make it look really big and messy. I think it looked great! Down below is a picture of me. What I was wearing for crazy hair day.
When you are first starting a blog, you will think about what to write about. You will have trouble starting your first post because of that. But think about this, a blog is not a journal, but it is a place where you can reflect on things and link to different websites and pages. But don't make your blog posts too long, other wise the reader will think it is boring and they won't read it. So keep it short and exciting. When you are done writing your post, edit it to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Or if you typed too fast that a different word came out, and not the word you wanted. Make sure that the reader can hear your voice in your post. So that they feel like you are talking to them. And that they will think it sounds really boring. You can also read a different blog before starting your own. It might give you an example what to write about and other things. And also make sure that you blog either every day or every week, so that the reader will come back and visit your blog. If you don't blog for a long time and then you will blog two days in a row, the reader won't know when to come to your blog and probably won't come back. If you are reading somebody's blog, make sure that you comment and leave a link to your blog so that they will come and comment on yours. Really think about which words you can link in your blog post. Those are a couple of tips if you just started a blog. (Or if you are planning to)
I hope you found some of these tips useful and even if you already have aa blog, they could be helpful.



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This is a video about child labor i found on youtube. It helped us with our facts and it was really sad. I learned from this video and now I want to share it with you.
I know lots of people celebrate earth day, but this time I didn't. The activities I planned to do were: To turn of the lights and only use candles for a whole hour like earth hour, learn about the earth, help take action to help the earth. Although, I couldn't really do the last idea because I only had one day with lots of HW and other things. I could have done the first one, but I had homework on the computer. It might sond like I have a lot of homework, but that's not really true. I just have to go onto my class website to read what the homework is and then I have to check my school email and then I have to go on my blog. And then I have to do my exhibition work. So it's just all on the computer. I don't have a ton of homework. Lets talk about earth day now. I might not have done the activities I planned to do, but I did secretly try to take action. My family always forgets to turn off the lights in the bathroom, so whenever I see the light on and nobody in the room, I turn it off. And I do the same to every other room. And these days I watch about 1 hour of TV a day. I used to watch like 3 and a half hours. But I don't anymore. I am on the computer for a half an hour sometimes. So I don't use a lot of electricity. I do these kind of things every single day. I didn't just do that on earth day. I know I didn't take really big action, I just did my own mini-thing. But that is okay. It is an easy and little job, but it can make a really big difference.
This is for my PTC (Parent Teacher Student Conference).
The pictures below are some of the sample work I have done so far. I feel successful and that I have done really goo this year. I think I need to slow down because I rush myself through a lot of things. Spelling is still hard for me, but I am doing well in all the other stuff. I think I have improved with my English and I am very happy that I won't have to be taking ELL next year.
For the people in the student blogging challenge, if you read the 6th blogging challenge, you had to write about a blog that you liked and you think people should add to their blogroll. I think this blog is very good because it's about a girl called Em who loves science and puts super fun/cool videos on her blog. She always writes something with it and she is very discriptive in her writing. I can hear her voice when I am reading her blog posts and to me it looks like she blogs a lot. Maybe once every two, three days. I really enjoy reading her blog posts even though they are mostly pictures and videos. I think she should write more in her posts. She discribes everything in a short way but she does it well. And maybe put a link to a page with all the pictures she wants to show and then write about it. She is very creative too so this is why I think you should add her to your blogroll. Click on SBC to go to my students blogging challenge page. All the info about it is on there. We also had to talk about using catagories. We use catagories to get to a blog post fast. It is a whole list of links to yout blog posts. Not every blog I have seen has catagories in their blog. I think they are very handy to me and lots of other people.
Welcome to my parent, teacher, student blog post. In this blog post you will read about areas that I have improved and what my goals are for the end of the year, and even some future goals. I have linked to examples of work within my E-portfolio to show you how I am doing.
As a writer I think i have improved in so many areas. This piece of writing shows how I used to write. I wrote about the last day of AIR (Artists In Residents.) I think I didn't put enough detail in the blog post and it was way to short. I think I improved in this blog post. And I have been improving in way more of my blog posts. And in that blog post, I wrote about my goals. I have achieved all of the goals I set myself in the beginning of the year. Below this post I have marked myself with a rubric for this post.
My Goals
In January we all wrote about are goals for the end of grade five, and since i have achieved those goals, I have set my self new ones.
Short Term Goal:My short term goal is not to make my blog posts super long anymore because the reader will think it is boring and he or she won't read it anymore.
My Long Term Goal: My long term goal is to be more creative in my writing and also to be more detailed when I am describing something.
My Profile
A few weeks ago Andy asked us to write a blog post about the profiles we made at the beginning of grade 5. Go here to go to the blog post about it. We had to write about the three learner profiles that describe ourselves best. My three learner profiles were Thinker, Caring, Risk-Taker.
We have done lots of unit of inquiries this year but my favorite unit was, I Believe. I liked that one a lot because I learned about so many different religions and I found it very interesting. Below is a piece of scanned work. When we went to a field trip to the Cathedral Church. I took notes about what the Priest said and wrote it all in my I Believe Journal. I am proud of this page because I was very neat and I have written a lot of information down.
Math is not my favorite subject, but I have learned a lot this year in math. Especially the times where I knew the answers and just got to work with out being or getting distracted. My favorite parts in math were when we played fizz buzz. And when we did fraction work. I like to learn about that stuff. And fizz buzz is really fun to me because I am really good at it and i won four times in that game. And i have definitly improved with math. Not as much as I wanted, but I will do better next year.
Thank you for reading my blog post about what I have done this year so far. I hope you know more about me.
Thursday was the last full day in Seoul, Korea. Because the next was going to be the last day, but we didn't spend the whole day in Seoul that day, so today was the last full day. We first got up to go have some breakfast, but shortly after that I went to have some lunch in the city with my family. We went to a Spanish Italian restaurant that was called Taco O' Burger. My sister had a burger and I had a taco. Isn't that weird! Well, not really I guess. After all, it is the name of the restaurant. But my taco was super spicy! My mouth was on fire when I took my first bite. But at the same time it was super good! So I had the rest of my sister's burger and my mom ate my taco. After that we walked to the palace again, but it was a different part of the palace. We went to the secret garden. The secret garden was hard to get to, we kept losing our way, and it took really long. But it was very beautiful and there was a big pond in the middle of the garden and a bunch of other little houses. But all the houses were the same looking. We all walked to a little mall and checked out some cool stores, first we went to the Nintendo store, then we went to the Sony store and then did some more shopping. We finally got to the best store in the whole mall. Because I couldn't find anything. It was the best book store ever! It had every book I ever wanted! I thought I read all the books in this series but then I saw some books I never saw before! I bought the book, Dewy and Small Steps. Small Steps is by Louis Sachar. The award winning author for the book Holes. My favorite book ever! So I was very excited to get reading on that book.  After that my sister and me and my mom went shopping, but my dad and brother went back tot he hotel room. We didn't find much, but I did buy a really cool hairband, you might not want to hear this so  I am going to move on to the part where we got home and got that pizza again. It was really yummy because this time I didn't scarf it down real quick and I could actually taste it. We all sat down in front of the TV and watched American Idol. After wards I couldn't sleep so I just read my new book, Small Steps. I am half way through already, it isn't as good as Holes, but I like it.
This was the third day in Seoul. We got up early to go to the Korean palace. We watched a bunch of soldiers walking around in amazing clothes and pretty flags. It was very interesting to learn about. There were a lot of little buildings in the palace. The palace wasn't inside, and it wasn't just one building. It was little buildings all over the place, it took up a lot of space. And when you walked into the palace, it was outside in the inside. It was beautiful. And I had so much fun looking at it. I noticed that there was a lot of space between each building. I can't call them buildings because they all looked like little houses with the same patterns and designs on it. You could see a little bit inside the buildings and I saw a really big beautiful golden throne in it and for the rest nothing. The king needed a lot of space, well that is what it looks like. It wasn't the first time I saw a big throne like that in the palace, I saw a bunch of other ones. But the king died a long long long long time ago. So I was a bit confused about some things. It was destroyed a lot of times too. The whole super big palace was destroyed. And it also got destroyed just two years ago. Mostly by the Japanese I think. Well, that's what I read. Now it is mostly a museum for people to learn about the palace. It's not for the king anymore. After learning about that for a while, my family and I walked around the market a bit and looked at some stuff. I couldn't remember everything we did that day, but I am pretty sure that we went to a very fancy restaurant that had a name with something to do with bamboo. They cooked some meat in front of us really quickly, and it was the best meat I ever had in my whole entire life! It was so good! I couldn't get enough of it. The lady who cooked the meat made some soup too, and some other sauces we could dip our food into. Then she made some other kind of meat. I did not like them as much as the first kind. So I asked her to make it again. I got the left overs from my dad and the lady made for me. That restaurant was really good because you got desert too and it was yummy and I thought it was really cool looking and the service is good and I just think that it is....good. So when we got home I just sat down in my bed reading my book and my sister was on her DS and my brother was playing. I think we might have been watching TV at the same time but, I am not sure. That day was fun.
The second day was fun too! We explored some parts of Seoul.We we woke up early to go to the museum. It was an art museum. We got our tickets and then went into the 'Modern Korean Art' Section. There was some pretty weird art in it. But I learned about some artist and how to figure out what the message is that the artist wants to tell us in his or hers art. Most of them were sculptures. I liked a couple of them and the messages were really clear sometimes. There was one with a whole wall with shelves in it and on all of those million shelves were pills. Millions and millions of pills. The shelves were mirrors and each pill was a different one. I saw a couple of doubles, but you wouldn't believe how much there was. I think the message was saying that there are lots of pills on our planet, but maybe not. I saw a guitar, a guitar that had everything on it twice. So it was a double guitar. That was also the name. I also saw a sculpture of the person who discovered video art. It was a sculpture with little TVs in a tower. All the TVs were showing the same and they all moved and did everything the same time. It was amazing. I also saw a piano stuck to a golden colored piece of paper. Which confused me. I couldn't find the message for that one. The art was very interesting. And I saw some art that I have seen before in HK.
When that was over, we all went downstairs. Where there was art you would use in movies. And I saw a back round that was painted on. It was really big. It was the back round of a grass field. And there were some houses painted on it too. Then they used a big piece of paper and sprayed some dirt and mud and grass on it. They put on fake grass. Then close up there was a part of a tree with a stick holding it up. Go here to see the picture And in front of all of that, there was a camera. You don't see the stick on the camera. And everything was so much more real looking on the camera. There were lights on the scene too. But you couldn't see that either. It was really cool! Then there were some computers for some reason. But we didn't use them. And all the way at the end of the room was a little table with pictures of vases on it. And plastic that you could draw on. You had to trace the picture on the plastic and use a different step on each piece of plastic. Then you would put them all together in a special frame, and your vase would look 3D! It was fun. But mine didn't turn out to good. So I just brought a piece of plastic home and I am hoping to finish mine better. Them just put it together in some frame that is similar to the other one and I will also get that cool 3D look. After wards we went to the gift shop. My mom bought a special book about art and for the rest we didn't get anything.
We went home after that and my dad and sister and I went to get some pizza downstairs. Int he pizza place. The pizza is really good there and we didn't have much time left after that anyway. We were late to see the special show 'Cooking Nanta' So when we got back to the hotel room, we ate all the pizza really fast and ran downstairs to grab a taxi. When we got to the place, we were at the wrong place. So then we had to walk all the way to the RIGHT place, and sit down to enjoy the show, Cooking Nanta.First I thought it was going tot be a show where people teach you how to cook things. But it was actually a play about three cooks who love to play music with their cooking supplies.
Two boys and one girl. The girl was called 'Female. They didn't use names or anything. They just talked a teensie weensie bit of gibberish and for the rest they didn't talk at all. One of the guys was the head chef. His name was, Head chef. Then the last guy was called, Sexy guy. The boss of all of them was called, Boss. He had a nephew who had to help out with the other chefs, but he knew nothing at all. The boss was very proud of him and he loved him. But all the other chefs treated him like he was the clean up boy. They gave him the clean up boy hat. And they start doing these really cool tricks with the food and stuff. Like doing magic tricks with the food. I had so much fun watching them! They had to prepare all the food for a wedding day. My dad had to go on stage and they dressed him up in a Chinese costume. Then another lady that we didn't know had to go on stage too. They had to try some food that they made. They made the food in really cool ways live on stage. Then some other stuff happened. And more and more that I can't describe but I just wish you could of seen it!
THIS is a link to the website. Maybe you can get tickets when they come to HK! Or another place. There are different people every time. A couple seconds later, my sister had to go on stage and play a game where you have to make dumplings. There was team red and team blue. My sister was team red. Another person had to go on stage too for the other team. And another for each. My sister's team lost. :( But it was really funny to watch. At the end of the performance, a big picture of my dad on stage and the other lady was on the wall behind the stage, I then realized that my dad just got married to a lady he didn't even know. It was weird, funny. And they had a big wedding party at the end. But my dad or the lady were not in it. All the cooks played on drums and stuff. The two cooks, Sexy guy and the nephew, got a long at the end too. They were fighting in the play because they both liked female. After the play we went to get some Dunkin'Donuts for breakfast the next day and then we went to bed when we got back to the hotel room. I liked that day. It was really fun. Please come to my website again, to read my next post about my days in Seoul, Korea!

These are some of the pictures that I described in the second paragraph. The bottom one is the backround that they use in movies and the top pictures are poeple making those vases.