This is a blog post about which arias I think I have improved in this year in grade 5. I will also be presenting this to my parents at school in the student led conference.

I want to show my parents how well I did this year in Hong Kong Academy. I have improved in so many arias! But i am especially proud of my blog. In fact, I am very proud of my blog. I write everyday and I spend a lot of time writing in my blog. I work on how I organize my categories, and looking for more good blogs to put in my blog roll. My favorite blog post where I think I was very detailed was the blog post about U.S.S. Nimitz Boat I was very reflective and I really worked hard on my spelling and grammar. I chose good words to describe how I felt. I am so very proud of that post. That is why I would like to have a blog next year. Andy has mentioned that our parents can pay five dollars a month to pay for our blog. I really want to have one just like this one and I will really miss blogging. So PLEASE, I want a blog!!
That is not the only thing I think I did well on this year. I am really proud of my Mandarin speaking too. I am really focused in class. I even got so good that I moved up into the medium class! Last year I was in the beginner class, but I got very good and moved a class higher. I am very proud of that. I feel good about my speaking and I am at about the same level as everybody else in the medium class. Some people are a little better then others though. I even wrote my own reflection for Mandarin on my Mandarin Page.
One of the UOI's I think I did good in was, the radio show, the exhibition and the religion one. I thought that I was very respectful to all of the different religions we studied about. And I feel the same way when I went on the field trips. My favorite field trip was the one where we went to learn about Christianity because the stories that the priest told were so interesting! The radio show, was really fun and interesting. I am still working in it but so far it is really good. I enjoyed listening to the other radio shows and learning about them. The exhibition was quite a challenge. I kept thinking about how I was never going to finish in time. But I did. With the help of my partner, Olivia we did finish in time. It turned out great and our presentation turned out great too! We educated others very well. We worked well in a groop but I think we could  have done better.
I chose to write about camp because I am so proud of how much I learned and how much of a risk-taker I was at camp. I was especially risk-taker when we wen rock climbing. It was so fun and I really enjoyed it! But I was to scared to go abseiling so I didn't. I just couldn't no matter how many times I tried. But in rock climbing I had to abseil down the giant rock. I was so scared! I climbed up the rock, but I couldn't go down. Then I finally went down and i felt so good and so proud. I couldn't believe I did it. I rock climbed over and over again.
I have gotten so much better in reading ever since I came to fifth grade. I have been reading so much these days that I have gotten better at reading English. I read books all the time for at least 30 minutes everyday. But I read a dutch book every once in a while to keep up my dutch speaking and reading. But I have improved a lot. And you can see my reading continuum for 2009 by visiting the page. I have much more columes filed in for 2010, but that is last year's one.
I love to write! That is one reason I love to blog everyday. I think I am very detailed in my writing. I really think about what I am going to write. I feel that my writing hass improved. Especially in grade 5. I wrote more in grade 5 because we had our blogs and we are writing stories about chinese inventions. I think writing is very fun and I do it a lot.
I don't like math very much. I feel that I am not doing so well in math because of that. But if I just focused and tried a little more, I think it would become more fun. We are assigned to go on mathletics every day for twenty minutes. I do that sometimes but I don't get good scores anymore. I am improvig a little though. But if I tried harder, I think I would get there. What has helped me, is when we were assigned to finish math sheets, before I take them home, I usually go to Andy and he helps me understand what to do. We go over a couple of the questions and he tells me how to get them I think that is very helpful and because of that, I have been doing so much better then how I did in the beginning of the year.
Thank you for reading this blog post. I can't wait till the student led conference to talk about this with my mom.

The blogging challenge is over now, and the Edublogger is looking for a blog to give the award too. I think that I should get the award because I blog at least once every two days and I am very good with linking my blog to other websites and pages. I am very descriptive and I might not have done every challenge, but I am definetly trying to. Another blog I think is very very good is a blog by Sidhonie. She blogs all the time, she is on her blog every day writing a post, Sidhonie adds pictures in her posts every once in a while, not too much but she seems to know when it is okay to put a video in your blog or a picture in your blog or not. Her catagories are very organized and you get to a post so fast because of that. I really admire her blog and I visit it every day! If you want to go to the student blogging challenge website to find what the current challenge is, click here. 
Friday we had a day off. No school, no work. So we had one more day in the weekend. We had a day off because it was Budha's birthday that day. In all east Asian countries, except Japan, beginning in 1873, it is held on the 8th day of the 4th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and the day is an official holiday in Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea. I didn't celebrate it though, I don't know why. But I did go out with my mom and do some shopping. I was really happy I had another day off though.
The grade 5 exhibition was very fun! Everyone who came to my booth learned a lot and stayed for at least 5-10 minutes. But I had a job at some parts, so when I wasn't at my booth, my partner Olivia took my spot. We never really presented together-Sometimes I was there alone, sometimes she was there alone. Anyway, I am really happy about how the exhibition turned out to be.
But i do have some things that I wish I did better at the exhibition: I wanted to improve on working in a group. There was a lot of shouting going on sometimes because we didn't agree with something, sometimes we were mad that something didn't work out, or we had a bad day. I think that we could have worked better in a group. It is just really hard to work in a group with your friends.
And I also think that I could improve on some things too: To listen better and try to understand better. I want to engage more with the visitors who come to my booth. But I think that I was really creative with my posters, I found some really cool ways to put the poster together and what would attract everybody's attention.
But as a group, I think we worked good on making the presentation working out what to say, we knew what to say, when to say it, why to say it, how to say it and we knew when somebody was going to be there or not. We were very organized. I am so proud of all the work we accomplished.
Grade 5 has finished the exhibition and we are now working on our reflections. But our new unit of inquiry will have to do with space. I am excited because I think this unit will be very interesting. I really want to learn a lot about space. But I will miss having the exhibition, we spent all out time in the gym for three days and I liked that so much better then normal school work. Anyway, I had lots of fun learning in the exhibition and I didn't just learn about child labor, I learned about how I can work better in a group, how I always need to do my homework, and how projects this important can be very stressful and hard. Grade 5 is now officialy waving good-bye to the exhibition. byeeeee
For our exhibition, Andy has made a website that we will be keeping track of what we are doing for the rest of the exhibition time. We started a bit late though, I think it was a good idea. Every student can write a blog post on that website about what we did in class that day. We put in lots of pictures and lots of writing. I have recently wrote a blog post on our exhibition website. Go here to read it. And go here to go to the full blog.
This is a rubric Olivia and i made. We want people to grade us with it. Please comment and tell me what you think of it.
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In school we were asked some questions for the exhibition. The questions were: What have we done so far for action? Is there an area we are proud of? What will people learn when they come to our exhibition? Do we have any concerns about the exhibition? What do we need to do? And in this blog post will answer those questions. Just as a reminder incase you forgot what my group is doing for the exhibition. We are doing Child Labor. There are 2 people in my group, Olivia and me. We have to take action on this problem. And what we have done for action so far is: 1. We have made a video full of facts and pictures. Some of the facts are about how many companies use child labor, which ones they are, if they still use child labor, how many children in Hong Kong have to work and How many children all around the world have to work as well. Also what the different kind of jobs are. There are a bunch of pictures too. Pictures of children working and stuff. That is only one thing, but we are planning to do lots of other things. Like make a lot of papers saying which companies use child labor, that way, People will stop buying from those companies. Another idea is to get as many people as we can to sign our petition. We will put them on the doors of every classroom and also at the exhibition. We will give a little presentation to some classes about telling them why to sign it. Then when we are done, we will send it to some of the companies that use child labor in china. Because we are focusing on child labor in china. I am not sure if there is an area I am super proud of...I am proud of the video I made. I worked really hard on it. I want people to learn all kinds of facts about child labor. And if there are people like my brother who don't know what child labor is, I want them to go back to their classrooms knowing the answer to what child labor is. I am a bit worried about the exhibition. I can't believe that two months of work is over. There are only 2 school days of action left. So I really want to be my best. On the other hand, I am quite excited about the exhibition. And I hope lots of people wil learn about child labor when they come and visit our table. We planned everything out perfectly.