I sadly have to tell everybody who has been reading my blog some bad news. Andy has done everything to let us keep our blogs next year, but we can't. So he is shutting down our blogs on Wednsday. I am afraid that this is my last blog post. I will really miss writing in my blog because it has become something I do everyday. With out it, it will be really weird. But luckily I will keep my blog on a disc so I can go on it anytime. I can't make any changes to it, but I can go and visit it. I will miss this. Enjoy reading my last blog post.
I know the exhibition was a long long time ago. But I still haven't uploaded the video I made for the exhibition. I worked really hard on it. I am so proud of it. I hope you like it and that it will make ou want to make a difference.
I have had so much fun being the buddy of my buddy, Jasmine. She is really nice and she has made me 2 cards this whole year. I loved reading book with her and working in our buddy book Sometimes when my buddy is sick, I share Dorothy's buddy, Catherine. I am her buddy a lot together with Dorothy. I think she is very nice too. My buddy liked to play the games. We played Uno once, Triple Trouble, Connect four. I loved to play those games with her too. But one of my favorite things I ever did with my buddy was what happened today. We watched Bee Movie with our buddies. But G5SM didn't do that with theirs. We all brought in food, breakfast. I brought in popcorn but my helper took the popcorn out of the bag, and put it in a plastic one. So I couldn't pop the popcorn, unless I wanted the microwave to blow up! Lots of people brought in popcorn anyway, so it was okay. People brought in brownies, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, yogurt, popcorn, juices, kiwi, apple, fruit salad, no bakes, Korean sausages, pancakes, eggs, scrambled eggs, goldfish, and much more. The food was so good! I had a kiwi, 3 brownies, 2 muffins and 6 bowls of popcorn. Not a very healthy breakfast, but I ate good this morning before school. I will really miss my buddy and I hope she will get a good new one next year.
Today, June 2 is my dad's birthday. I can't celebrate it with him though because he is in Belgium now. But I will go to Belgium in two weeks to see him anyway. I send him a birthday card that I made myself. I don't know if he got it yet, but I hope he will soon. I also send him an email. Happy birthday, dad!