One-Man Star Wars was THE BEST!!!!!!!! SO much fun!!!!!
There was a Canadian actor that played all the characters of the 5th 4th and the 6th movies of Star Wars. His name was Charles Ross. When my family and I sat down on our seats, (We had front row seats!!!!!!! The totally front ones!!!!!) I saw 9 people from HKA! Leo, Oscar, these two other girls from third grade, Darcy's brother, Then another kid from second grade, Oscar's little brothers and something like that, but I saw  them!! Then like in all the other movies, they played like the Star Wars song, but his stage had nothing on it and he was wearing a black suit and nothing else, there wasn't anything on the stage.
So he had to sing the song and it was really funny! He also added all these different funny things!
It was hilarious! He talked really fast but that was another reason to make it funny and at the end a kid on the front row seat he just like jumped off but he actually fell off and first I thought that that was kind of rude to the actor but luckily he could make a joke about it (witch was funny!) But when he made the sound of the guns and the shouting of the space ships, he spit a lot and cause I was in the front it landed on me and I was discusted!!!!! But I really enjoyed it and he is coming back to Hong Kong to do the same thing but One-Man Lord of the Rings. The cool thing is, that he wrote the play all by himself!
Our new unit for UOI is "Beliefs" and today (Monday 23 November 2009) we went to a Hindu Temple. First thing we had to do wen we got there was to take off our shoes, because we had to try out best to be respectful to their belief. We had to be quiet while we were waiting outside of the temple because people were praying. Then we got to go inside the temple and we got to see like two people pray and do these belief things, they were poring milk onto a buda and then they either put money, fruit, any kind of food and other things they believe givs good luck and thanks the gods.Then a guy came and he started talking to us. But I couldn't hear him so well at the beginning because a different person rang a big bell that was really loud. Only close to the end of the convo we got to know why they did it, they ring the bell because it is good luck and it gives alart that a person is here or coming or something. Do you have a little bell in your house? If you do that means that you have good luck and all the darkness goes away. He started talking to us about when the temple is open and when the tample started. The temple has been in HK since 1950. Then he told us when the temple is open.They told us  if you go to that temple you will never have swine flu, and eat spicy food because it will protect you from darkness. Then he explained what every buddha does, like one created all the living things on our planet, and there is the king of money together with his wife, and this other one is like our parents, they take good care of us and make sure nothing bad happens to us. We have to respect them like what we do to our parents.
They gave us A LOT of info about it Hinduism. I actually enjoyed listening to the stories of Hinduism. I really had fun on the field trip!
Mr. Millard was also volunteering to be HKA's new director.
I didn't tell you about Mr. Dare, he came before Mr. Millard for an interview with G5SM and G5AB.
I thought Mr. Dare was really nice, and I think he should be our new director.
He is working somewhere in Manila, he is director there and he used to be a teacher in Washington D.C. too, I think he was very funny and he talked about things we liked too, he made connections with us and he has bean working in schools for 7 years now!!! I think he would be could because he allready has expirience of being a director. I didn't see Mr. Millard because I was working with Kim, but I got to see him after that but still I think Mr. Dare is just more interesting and funny and more exited about the job AND more like talking with expresion so that made me more interested in what he had to say. Mr. Millard just was a little too serious and not so funny and not talking with expresion and like, i don't want to be too negative about him so all I can say is that when we did our votes to see wich director we want choosing from those 2, the vote for Mr. Dare won!!!!
On Friday the last day, before we left we went to visit one more artist.
His name is Warren Wills. He was my favorite! He was really funny and sometimes he made a song  when he was talking. He just started playing something really really really hard! And when I say hard, I mean REALLY REALLY HARD.
He played all those hard songs WITHOUT music infront of him!!!!!
I think he was totally impressive and I want him as our artist next year.
I also want to know how to play piano like that!
And you know what else is cool too?
He is directing a play somewhere not exactly sure where that is...
But that is cool i mean come on!
For whoever that is not in my class or in HKA, YOU TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!




On Monday we had an assembly and then we looked around at other student's work too.
It was really cool to see everybody's artwork.And listen to their songs.
It was also dress up day! We had to dress up us our favorite artist.
Not everyone was dressed up but everyone did have fun!
Nothing special happened because all she said was "you need to ware your glasses
and I don't think this test will be useful for you."
And then she said that she would write a letter to my mom about where she thinks is the best
place to get my glasses tested. I was done very quickly! I thought that the person that was testing me, was very nice. And when I was done I got a sticker that said "I just got my eyes tested!"
But even she had to admit that she should have changed it to "i didn't have my eyes tested!"
We got it over with really quickly.
I almost forgot to tell you about day three!
Day three, we painted all the bottles and glued cool matirials on it.
It is a very colorful serpent!
We were all hoping for it to be a good serpent!
Down below you can see how it turned out to be!
So much different then we thought.
Today we put together the bottles, it was hard work because we had to know which bottles needed what. Three little bottles, we'd have to stick tape around, but one big one, we would just conect to the others.
It was fun but also sad to make this the last day working with Miguel.
It is a really long serpent, do you know how long it was?!
You can see all the different colors and design,  you can also see how hard we worked on that.
Here is a picture of the complee serpent!
As you can see, I have moved some pages under Extra pages (The World Of Children and Videos)
So that I will have more space to show you guys whats going on.
You will be seeing more too!
Plus I will be adding more picture to my Gallery soon, so watch out!
Today we had to look for things we can use for the serpent.
We had to look for all the bottles in the art room and paint and decorate them for the body.
We all painted different colors and i painted purple together with Dorothy and Phoebe.
Thats the color we painted the bottles.
We had lots of fun and next lesson we are going to make the Rainbow Serpent,FINALLY!
AIR was lots of fun!