Today was Christmas and I had so much fun!!!!
Our living room was covered in presents! We had way to many presents!!! I wish the computer picture thing worked so that I could show you a picture but seriously it was totally full! I got so many presents it was crazy! I hope you liked all your presents! And my family also did a secret Santa thing and my grandma got the world's largest Hershey's bar and I really mean the world's LARGEST I had a piece of it today and it is so good!!!! I promise I will post a picture of me and the chocolate bar on my next blog post. I got a Slap Chop(It's something you use to cut veggies) I gave it to my mom because I don't think that is a very good present for me. But people just bought something and raped it and then put it under our Christmas tree because we did it at our house. Nobody knew who was going to pick up their presents. I will tell what all my presents are on the next blog post too. I am in a bit of a hurry so I will spend more time on my next post. Happy Holidays!!!!
The other day late at night my uncle Henry arrived in Chicago. I was sleeping but today in the morning I saw him. We are going to make a ginger bread house (This is the second one we have made this Christmas.)
And we are going ice skating. And outside yesterday I went outside in the snow and I went sledding with my grandma and my little cousin and my brother. We went so fast and it was really fun! Then I started making my own fort out of snow and it is HUGE!!!! I started it with my grandma but then it got dark and everyone went inside. I was still outside finishing it and I made it really long. I had fun even by myself. Today right now I am going to write in my Christmas card that I bought for someone that I still have to choose who I am giving to. Are you having fun? I will try to put some pictures on my blog for you to look at. Bye!!!!
On Friday it was the last day of school and now I am in Chicago, It is really super duper cold and it is snowing very hard. My little baby cousin is coming today from New York and he is only like 1 or something. Anyway, on the first day of the holidays, I was very tired and took a long nap. the time different is really hard because I am always awake at 4:00 AM eating breakfast and watching TV until I die of bordness. I watched a movie called Grizzly Man last night and it was a true story. It's about a guy that loved bears so much that every summer he comes and spends two months with them and acts like he knows those creatures better then anyone else. Then after 13 years of doing that he died because the bears ate him. And they ate his girlfriend who had to come with him. I thought that guy was crazy and stupid. You had to see the movie. He was out of control. He thought he could talk to them. How is your holidays? Are you having fun? Because I am! Happy holidays!
Yesterday (5th december 2009) It was my birthday. Not just that, It was also my party! I did a sleep-over for my birthday party. I had so much fun and lots of presents! When I woke up in the morning, my dad called from Belgium and wished me a happy birthday. Then I knew it was time to get up and start my birthday! Then I played Guitar Hero and then the wii and then I came into the kitchen to help with making the cookies but I couldn't do that because Claudia (my sister) and my mom were making the cake and I wasn't allowed to see it. So I just cleaned up my room for the party.
That took a while but now my room is really clean! Then we all sat down and opened my family presents. Maite came while doing that, she was a little early but I didn't care. We just kept going. Then Dorothy came in and right after that sidhonie came. I had to put everyone's stuff up stairs and then Clio came in. Alice joined us too right when Clio came. Leilanie was supposed to come but then she was a little sick so she couldn't come. I finished my presents and opened theirs too. We sat down and played some games like Twister. And then we ate dinner and the cake. It was good! The cake kind of failed so we had to do it again but we used the same cake, And it looked like a pile of poo. But it was really good! Then we made our beds and un-packed our stuff. We watched the movie I got from Maite, Band Slam. It was a good movie! We talked after that and fell asleep at 11:00 then I woke up at 4:00 again and got cold and had no space so I slept in my bed upsatirs and came back down in the morning. We watched Land Of The Lost after that. I have seen that movie 3 times now and I'm still not bored of it! We packed up and brushed our teeth. Then Dorothy's mom came up and she had to leave. Olivia was with Alice. Clio was next. She had to go down so I had to bring her down waiting for her helper and we almost lost her balloon! Then I went back up and Sidhonie was ready to leave with Dr.Andy and Maite. Soon everyone was gone and I played wii again and listened to some music. Then I wrote this article about my b-day and my party. And now you are reading it! But the people that didn't get to come were: Erin, Abby and Leilanie.




Ella and I had a playdate today. It was lots of fun! First we looked at my room and we played with some of my stuff. Then we looked at my turtle and thought about making a race track for the turtle to see how fast he'll go but then we thought about just cleening his tank. It was dinner time after that and we had to run down. We had pasta with ham/bacon and procoli. She had to go home after that... It wasn't really long but I had lots of fun!
I thought it was quite boring. She didn't tell me much. Oh wait! I forgot to tell you where we went and who "she" is. Well we went to the Jewish Synagogue just like the title and "she" is Anna Van De Berg. I didn't like it that much. But at the end there was a guy who showed us the scroles. Go here to visit their website to find out more. The guy was kind of weird in a way, but yeah. I didn't like it much. But the scroles were pretty awesome! 
Today we had the culrtul food festival day, I ate so much food that I felt sick when I came home. But The essembly was fun to see all the different countries people are from. The food was YUMMY!!!!
Today we went to the Cathedral Church; When we got into the church, this priest came in to talk to us. I thought he was very nice and the stories he told us were very interesting. He is from England but I can't remeber what his name was. First he told us that that church is 160 years old! Then he started talking about If you wanted to be a christian you had to this and that. If you wanted to be one you had to believe in Jesus Christ, have a good life and respect others. I thought it was kind of weird that he said that some people sit in a bath here in  the church or pore water to represent a new life.
He told us some great and interesting stories about Jesus and Joseph and his brothers. I also know now that people do church on Sundays because that is the day Jesus died and came back to life again. I thought he was being a little bit rude to other religions because he said that it doesn't matter if you are not baptised, anyone can go to Heaven, he said it was dumb and rubish. But other people like Leilanie believe that you have to be baptised to go to Heaven. He was being rude. But it was the most interesting for me. I really loved listening to the stories and the things he had to say to us. He showed us a kind of gold stick at the end. And he started showing us around a bit more. And what things he had in the church and what it means.