Today was the first day of Artist In Residents week.
At Library we read a story called The Rainbow Serpent, today we had to draw the serpent in our sketch book because we are going  to make a sculpture of the serpent.
We really had to think about what materials we are going to use and how we are going to do it. We had to tell Miguel how we thought is the best way to do it, so we wrote it down.Miguel is an Artist that is going to help us make the sculpture. Miguel is from Spain.
Now back to the story.
It was a challenge but I think that it will be a great sculpture!
Everyone came up with some great ideas but we are going to have to choose one. My idea was to mix two ideas together to form something even better if we can't choose between two or more.
I think that we had to be a thinker today as our learner profile.
So we could come up with ideas.
In Art we usually don't get homework but this wasn't so much, we had to think about where we should hang the serpent and if some of us didn't finish their work at school, they would have to think about it when they get home.
On our way back, Phoebe, Dorothy and I thought of a great idea for the sculpture. We wanted it to glow in the dark, for that to happen we thought a cooler way of doing it then using glow in the dark paint or spray, we could use Christmas lights and put them in the serpent.
Then where the lights end we would plug it into a plug.
We thought of doing this in the tunnel on your way to middle and high school.
And hang it off the ceiling.
Everyone was very creative and even on the way down back to the classroom they thought of more ideas for the serpent.
We all did a great job!
By Astrid
11/09/2009 01:11

I really like your blog! You have everything in it that your supposed to have! GREAT JOB!!!!


Cool blog! Did you write all of this when we got back from AIR? If you did, you must have been working really well, good job, Ash!

11/09/2009 01:47

I really Love your blog maybe you should put a picture in it. I am not trying to be rude!

clio aka jughead
11/09/2009 02:20

awesome you wrote about every second you did not leave anything out

11/09/2009 05:03

Great job Astrid. I like the idea of lights inside the serpent!


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