On Sunday it was my brother's birthday and we didn't do much but we did go to the R66 at the top of the hopwell centre. It was a revolving restaurant that my brother really wanted to go to. It was our first time in there. There was a big buffet and lots of old people. It smelled really bad in some parts but luckily we weren't in that particular part. There was a live singer too! Well, two to be exact. The buffet had really good shrimp witch I couldn't get enough of. Then came the best part of all, DESERT! There was a chocolate fountain, But that didn't surprise me so much, I see it all the time. There was cake and there was vanilla frosting. I took lots of marshmellows and strawberries and dipped them in the fountain. Then I had a big piece of cake with more chocolate from the fountain. It was really good. I had a great time. Then we took a special kind of elevator down that had glass around it so we could see across HK. It was really pretty! Then we went home and my brother went to bed. I stayed up doing the rest of my HW. It was a fun day you know, having a playdate with my friend, eating at a restaurant I always wanted to eat at, and seeing all the cool presents my brother got, my mom and I bought him a remote control star wars air plain. That is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen! We play with it all the time!