There are so many things I'm scared of!
Camp is going to be something where I really have to be a Risk-Taker!
Luckily one of the learner profiles I am good at is being a Risk-Taker!
I know I'll be a little afraid of heights!
I just think that when I'm up really high in the sky, when I go down I mite get hurt or fall.
Your usually scared of something when its your first time and you have never done what you have to do now. I know there will be lots of insects and spiders coming in my tent, but rare rare bugs and  spiders no matter how big they are,THEY TOTALLY FREAK ME OUT!!!
I would scream if I saw a spider or a bug!
I'm going to be homesick,I know for sure; That's one of the things I will be afraid of.
But its best to try something new,and you'll get over it!