On Friday it was my second day in Cebu. We got up to the beach to lie down and find some cool seashells. Then we got up and ran to the lobby into the van and it brought us to a diving centre.

When we got there, we went into a boat and this dude got out a big bamboo stick and started to pettal the boat. When we got deap enough we used the rudder and the the guy could rest for the rest of the trip. The boat brought us to a place deap far away int he middle of the ocean, then we all put our snorkle gear on and went into the water! My brother was too scared to go in, but I understand that the ocean is a scary place when you are still a little kid. And my sister tried it, but when she looked under water she totally freaked out and swam to the boat again. She got out after that.

But we weren't the only people on the boat. We had a guy that my mom knows, who's name is David and he works with the best travel agency in HK. He was the guy who showed us the Shangri-la when it was our first time here, and he sure was right, Cebu rocks! Then there was a different guy who was called Nick, he travels the world and writes in the news paper in the travel section. Now he is writing about his adventures in a magazine. Maggy was one person there, then there were some other people on the boat but I don't know there names.

When we all got in the boat again we went to a different island  and had lunch there. It was a very very small island with really poor people on it. Although, they had really cool huts that they made. We got to snorkle a little more there but for the rest we ate our lunch, it was all seafood. It was suprisingly good food.

Then we went to our home island again, but we stopped in the water. we didn't go back yet, we just went close to the island to do some water sports. I went on the bananna boat for my second time with my sister, my mom and David. The speed boat went really fast  and turned a lot. Since the bananna boat was atached to the speed boat, we went so fast and I felt like we were going to tip over!!!! It was really fun though.

Then I went parasailing with my mom and my sister. We thought it was going to be super scary but it was actually quite peacful. We went into the same speed boat and the people put our harnesses on. Then he told us to sit down at the end of the boat next to each other. He then attached our harnesses to a rope that was attached to the big flying thing and then the guy let go of the rope and we were flying in the air!! We had to sit down at all times. We were super high and saw the sunset. It was a really beatuiful sunset. And then after fifteen minues of flying the guy started to pull us down with the rope and then we landed in the deap scary ocean water! Our bodies were halfway underwater and the flying thing fell on us. Then the guy let go of the rope again and we flew like rockets in the air again. It was all peacful and then all of a suddon we land in the water. Then the guy pulled us down onto the boat. I had a great adventure that day.

But it was time to say goodbye to everyone and go back to our hotel room. We had dinner and went to bed. I loved that day. It's probebly going to be my favorite day in Cebu.