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When you are first starting a blog, you will think about what to write about. You will have trouble starting your first post because of that. But think about this, a blog is not a journal, but it is a place where you can reflect on things and link to different websites and pages. But don't make your blog posts too long, other wise the reader will think it is boring and they won't read it. So keep it short and exciting. When you are done writing your post, edit it to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Or if you typed too fast that a different word came out, and not the word you wanted. Make sure that the reader can hear your voice in your post. So that they feel like you are talking to them. And that they will think it sounds really boring. You can also read a different blog before starting your own. It might give you an example what to write about and other things. And also make sure that you blog either every day or every week, so that the reader will come back and visit your blog. If you don't blog for a long time and then you will blog two days in a row, the reader won't know when to come to your blog and probably won't come back. If you are reading somebody's blog, make sure that you comment and leave a link to your blog so that they will come and comment on yours. Really think about which words you can link in your blog post. Those are a couple of tips if you just started a blog. (Or if you are planning to)
I hope you found some of these tips useful and even if you already have aa blog, they could be helpful.