For the people in the student blogging challenge, if you read the 6th blogging challenge, you had to write about a blog that you liked and you think people should add to their blogroll. I think this blog is very good because it's about a girl called Em who loves science and puts super fun/cool videos on her blog. She always writes something with it and she is very discriptive in her writing. I can hear her voice when I am reading her blog posts and to me it looks like she blogs a lot. Maybe once every two, three days. I really enjoy reading her blog posts even though they are mostly pictures and videos. I think she should write more in her posts. She discribes everything in a short way but she does it well. And maybe put a link to a page with all the pictures she wants to show and then write about it. She is very creative too so this is why I think you should add her to your blogroll. Click on SBC to go to my students blogging challenge page. All the info about it is on there. We also had to talk about using catagories. We use catagories to get to a blog post fast. It is a whole list of links to yout blog posts. Not every blog I have seen has catagories in their blog. I think they are very handy to me and lots of other people.