Today we went to the Nunnery. It was very interesting for me because I got to see all the special gods. They were very pretty and interesting and very big. I loved to look at them and there were more than one. I think they were made out golden leaf. It was really big!!!!! They had a bunch of little rooms with all their gods in it. I saw the monk come in and give the gods food. They had really pretty and detailed cups with food in for the gods. There was fruit and rice for them. And there was also a donation box for people to give money for the nunnery so that it would stay here and also they believe that it will bring good luck to the person who donated the money. I thought it was very beautiful with all the really interesting trees that are really old and how they have grown. It also had this little room with a bunch of models of the buildings in the nunnery. It also had really big ones and they were so detailed it was amazing!!! It had little Christmas lights in it to be the main lite for the model.
Then we walked back to the bus and in our school. I had a great time there and I learned a lot!