Today was Christmas and I had so much fun!!!!
Our living room was covered in presents! We had way to many presents!!! I wish the computer picture thing worked so that I could show you a picture but seriously it was totally full! I got so many presents it was crazy! I hope you liked all your presents! And my family also did a secret Santa thing and my grandma got the world's largest Hershey's bar and I really mean the world's LARGEST I had a piece of it today and it is so good!!!! I promise I will post a picture of me and the chocolate bar on my next blog post. I got a Slap Chop(It's something you use to cut veggies) I gave it to my mom because I don't think that is a very good present for me. But people just bought something and raped it and then put it under our Christmas tree because we did it at our house. Nobody knew who was going to pick up their presents. I will tell what all my presents are on the next blog post too. I am in a bit of a hurry so I will spend more time on my next post. Happy Holidays!!!!