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Today is crazy hair day. Everybody goes to school with crazy hair or a crazy hat. I wanted to do a hat, that i added extra stuff on to make it look crazy, but it fell apart and then i just wore my craziest scrunchies that were bright pink and had pink poodles on them. I used them to make really high pinkie-tales. When I got to school, not everyone was wearing a crazy hat or crazy hair. But some people wore really big wigs. And some people didn't wear anything at all. Some people dyed their hair a different color, but I think it just makes your hair look wet. And bad. I did that once, and my hair got really damaged. But other people wore funny hairbands or put accessories in their hair. It was really cool looking. We don't have a contest of the craziest hair at our school, but I like to. So in my head I choose the craziest hair. And today it was Leilanie. She brushed her hair upwards to make it look really big and messy. I think it looked great! Down below is a picture of me. What I was wearing for crazy hair day.