This was the third day in Seoul. We got up early to go to the Korean palace. We watched a bunch of soldiers walking around in amazing clothes and pretty flags. It was very interesting to learn about. There were a lot of little buildings in the palace. The palace wasn't inside, and it wasn't just one building. It was little buildings all over the place, it took up a lot of space. And when you walked into the palace, it was outside in the inside. It was beautiful. And I had so much fun looking at it. I noticed that there was a lot of space between each building. I can't call them buildings because they all looked like little houses with the same patterns and designs on it. You could see a little bit inside the buildings and I saw a really big beautiful golden throne in it and for the rest nothing. The king needed a lot of space, well that is what it looks like. It wasn't the first time I saw a big throne like that in the palace, I saw a bunch of other ones. But the king died a long long long long time ago. So I was a bit confused about some things. It was destroyed a lot of times too. The whole super big palace was destroyed. And it also got destroyed just two years ago. Mostly by the Japanese I think. Well, that's what I read. Now it is mostly a museum for people to learn about the palace. It's not for the king anymore. After learning about that for a while, my family and I walked around the market a bit and looked at some stuff. I couldn't remember everything we did that day, but I am pretty sure that we went to a very fancy restaurant that had a name with something to do with bamboo. They cooked some meat in front of us really quickly, and it was the best meat I ever had in my whole entire life! It was so good! I couldn't get enough of it. The lady who cooked the meat made some soup too, and some other sauces we could dip our food into. Then she made some other kind of meat. I did not like them as much as the first kind. So I asked her to make it again. I got the left overs from my dad and the lady made for me. That restaurant was really good because you got desert too and it was yummy and I thought it was really cool looking and the service is good and I just think that it is....good. So when we got home I just sat down in my bed reading my book and my sister was on her DS and my brother was playing. I think we might have been watching TV at the same time but, I am not sure. That day was fun.