Mr. Millard was also volunteering to be HKA's new director.
I didn't tell you about Mr. Dare, he came before Mr. Millard for an interview with G5SM and G5AB.
I thought Mr. Dare was really nice, and I think he should be our new director.
He is working somewhere in Manila, he is director there and he used to be a teacher in Washington D.C. too, I think he was very funny and he talked about things we liked too, he made connections with us and he has bean working in schools for 7 years now!!! I think he would be could because he allready has expirience of being a director. I didn't see Mr. Millard because I was working with Kim, but I got to see him after that but still I think Mr. Dare is just more interesting and funny and more exited about the job AND more like talking with expresion so that made me more interested in what he had to say. Mr. Millard just was a little too serious and not so funny and not talking with expresion and like, i don't want to be too negative about him so all I can say is that when we did our votes to see wich director we want choosing from those 2, the vote for Mr. Dare won!!!!