I know lots of people celebrate earth day, but this time I didn't. The activities I planned to do were: To turn of the lights and only use candles for a whole hour like earth hour, learn about the earth, help take action to help the earth. Although, I couldn't really do the last idea because I only had one day with lots of HW and other things. I could have done the first one, but I had homework on the computer. It might sond like I have a lot of homework, but that's not really true. I just have to go onto my class website to read what the homework is and then I have to check my school email and then I have to go on my blog. And then I have to do my exhibition work. So it's just all on the computer. I don't have a ton of homework. Lets talk about earth day now. I might not have done the activities I planned to do, but I did secretly try to take action. My family always forgets to turn off the lights in the bathroom, so whenever I see the light on and nobody in the room, I turn it off. And I do the same to every other room. And these days I watch about 1 hour of TV a day. I used to watch like 3 and a half hours. But I don't anymore. I am on the computer for a half an hour sometimes. So I don't use a lot of electricity. I do these kind of things every single day. I didn't just do that on earth day. I know I didn't take really big action, I just did my own mini-thing. But that is okay. It is an easy and little job, but it can make a really big difference.