Today we went to the Cathedral Church; When we got into the church, this priest came in to talk to us. I thought he was very nice and the stories he told us were very interesting. He is from England but I can't remeber what his name was. First he told us that that church is 160 years old! Then he started talking about If you wanted to be a christian you had to this and that. If you wanted to be one you had to believe in Jesus Christ, have a good life and respect others. I thought it was kind of weird that he said that some people sit in a bath here in  the church or pore water to represent a new life.
He told us some great and interesting stories about Jesus and Joseph and his brothers. I also know now that people do church on Sundays because that is the day Jesus died and came back to life again. I thought he was being a little bit rude to other religions because he said that it doesn't matter if you are not baptised, anyone can go to Heaven, he said it was dumb and rubish. But other people like Leilanie believe that you have to be baptised to go to Heaven. He was being rude. But it was the most interesting for me. I really loved listening to the stories and the things he had to say to us. He showed us a kind of gold stick at the end. And he started showing us around a bit more. And what things he had in the church and what it means.