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Our new unit for UOI is "Beliefs" and today (Monday 23 November 2009) we went to a Hindu Temple. First thing we had to do wen we got there was to take off our shoes, because we had to try out best to be respectful to their belief. We had to be quiet while we were waiting outside of the temple because people were praying. Then we got to go inside the temple and we got to see like two people pray and do these belief things, they were poring milk onto a buda and then they either put money, fruit, any kind of food and other things they believe givs good luck and thanks the gods.Then a guy came and he started talking to us. But I couldn't hear him so well at the beginning because a different person rang a big bell that was really loud. Only close to the end of the convo we got to know why they did it, they ring the bell because it is good luck and it gives alart that a person is here or coming or something. Do you have a little bell in your house? If you do that means that you have good luck and all the darkness goes away. He started talking to us about when the temple is open and when the tample started. The temple has been in HK since 1950. Then he told us when the temple is open.They told us  if you go to that temple you will never have swine flu, and eat spicy food because it will protect you from darkness. Then he explained what every buddha does, like one created all the living things on our planet, and there is the king of money together with his wife, and this other one is like our parents, they take good care of us and make sure nothing bad happens to us. We have to respect them like what we do to our parents.
They gave us A LOT of info about it Hinduism. I actually enjoyed listening to the stories of Hinduism. I really had fun on the field trip!