On Friday my dad flew over from Belgium with my sister's friend Natalie. They are in HK with us now. I am so exited for Friday because that is the day we are going on this big ship. It's huge!!!! We are going to be on it for a whole day!!!
And last night we watched the movie 2012. I was waiting to see that movie for ages. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, But it was exiting and sad. I think that the movie is great! But it didn't have enough action in it. It was about the whole world coming to an end and I think it was nicely done just when they all got on the boat to be safe at the end, they were talking to much about the boat sinking and not enough action!!! It had some things in it that couldn't happen the way they showed us but they made it look really good! It was an awesome movie though! I think it desirves 4 stars.
Have you seen the movie???????????