On Friday it was the last day of school and now I am in Chicago, It is really super duper cold and it is snowing very hard. My little baby cousin is coming today from New York and he is only like 1 or something. Anyway, on the first day of the holidays, I was very tired and took a long nap. the time different is really hard because I am always awake at 4:00 AM eating breakfast and watching TV until I die of bordness. I watched a movie called Grizzly Man last night and it was a true story. It's about a guy that loved bears so much that every summer he comes and spends two months with them and acts like he knows those creatures better then anyone else. Then after 13 years of doing that he died because the bears ate him. And they ate his girlfriend who had to come with him. I thought that guy was crazy and stupid. You had to see the movie. He was out of control. He thought he could talk to them. How is your holidays? Are you having fun? Because I am! Happy holidays!