Thursday I flew over to Cebu. We are staying at the Shangri-la. It's my second time in Cebu here at the Shangri-la. The flight was only two hours long, so I basicly sleaped the whole entire way. You are probebly wondering why I am on vacation in my vavorite place to visit. Well, I couldn't go on vacation in the Chinese New Year holiday because my sister's friend came from Belgium for the whole week, and we wanted to go to Cebu with my father. And we really needed a break from HK and the weather and staying in the house all day long. So here we are in Cebu! I really love it here! On Thursday when we came here, we spend the whole day going to the beach and swimming in the pool. Then we had dinner in the same restauraunt we ate the last time we came here in the same seats. It was really weird and we only just noticed that. Cebu is a great place to visit! When we came out of the airport, all of a suddon we got a BIG heatwave!!! We just got out and then we died of heat. I love it here! Have you ever gone to Cebu before?