Sunday was my last day in Cebu. We woke up and went to the E-Zone (A room full of fun games to play and electronics) We bought lots of tickets for my brother and I.

My sister went up to the health club to get her nails done. And my mom went to the room to do some packing so that we don't have to rush at the last minute when we leave. I played the percussion freak game and I rocked at it! You choose a song and then you get out the drumming sticks and there was a whole plastic drum set there with different colors of circles around each one. It's just like guitar hero but with the drums and a bit harder because it's not in order. Then I spend all the rest of my coins on a car racing game. I played it for EVER and the first time I was 18th place, the second time I was 14th and the third time I was 12th and the last time I was 8th. It's really fun and addictive.

Then my brother went to get a small pedicure just to get his nails cut normally. Then I cam up and it was my turn. I got a manicure and a pedicure. My nails are super pretty now and it felt really gooooood!

Then we all went to the room to change into our swim suits and we went to the beach, my mom got a foot massage on the beach while the rest of us were playing on the beach or getting s tan. Sadly the only place I got one is on my feet!

I went out snorkeling with my sister and we saw more Clown Fish but this time they were hiding in the anenamie and it would put it's head through the anenamie to see if we were still there and it would start hiding again. It was really cute! But the tide was really low and it was really shallow in the ocean. We allmost touched the coral because it was so shallow. We also saw a sea snake and a jelly fish. 

Then we heard that our room was taken away from us. We didn't own it any more because we had to leave in an hour. So we went to the health club and went into the changing room to get changed in our normal clothes.

Then we went to the lobby so when the bus came, it could drive us to the airport, but then we lost my brother and we looked every where for him. We ended up finding him in the main lobby, and then we went on the bus and it drove us to the airport. I don't think you want to know about the airport. It's never really an entertaining story to hear about the airport.

Anyway, I had lot's of fun and it's weird and sad to say good bye to Cebu, but we can come back anytime!!!