Thursday was the last full day in Seoul, Korea. Because the next was going to be the last day, but we didn't spend the whole day in Seoul that day, so today was the last full day. We first got up to go have some breakfast, but shortly after that I went to have some lunch in the city with my family. We went to a Spanish Italian restaurant that was called Taco O' Burger. My sister had a burger and I had a taco. Isn't that weird! Well, not really I guess. After all, it is the name of the restaurant. But my taco was super spicy! My mouth was on fire when I took my first bite. But at the same time it was super good! So I had the rest of my sister's burger and my mom ate my taco. After that we walked to the palace again, but it was a different part of the palace. We went to the secret garden. The secret garden was hard to get to, we kept losing our way, and it took really long. But it was very beautiful and there was a big pond in the middle of the garden and a bunch of other little houses. But all the houses were the same looking. We all walked to a little mall and checked out some cool stores, first we went to the Nintendo store, then we went to the Sony store and then did some more shopping. We finally got to the best store in the whole mall. Because I couldn't find anything. It was the best book store ever! It had every book I ever wanted! I thought I read all the books in this series but then I saw some books I never saw before! I bought the book, Dewy and Small Steps. Small Steps is by Louis Sachar. The award winning author for the book Holes. My favorite book ever! So I was very excited to get reading on that book.  After that my sister and me and my mom went shopping, but my dad and brother went back tot he hotel room. We didn't find much, but I did buy a really cool hairband, you might not want to hear this so  I am going to move on to the part where we got home and got that pizza again. It was really yummy because this time I didn't scarf it down real quick and I could actually taste it. We all sat down in front of the TV and watched American Idol. After wards I couldn't sleep so I just read my new book, Small Steps. I am half way through already, it isn't as good as Holes, but I like it.