I have been working really hard on my exhibition project, like working on our action ideas and stuff. But yesterday, when I was sitting down writing in my journal, Andy mentioned something I would never have thought of before. He said that our perspective about child labor is that it is bad and we want the children to learn and go to school. But other people might think that it is good because that is the only way to earn money, or like Erin said: 'I think it is good because it shows them who is boss' I don't take it badly or anything. But I sent an email to everyone in grade 5 asking what their perspective is. It gave me a lot to think about that night so I talked to my mom about it. We sent an email because we thought it would help us with action ideas. Because that thought changed all of my ideas. My perspective about child labor changed. I think it is bad for them because they want to learn and go to school. They don't belong in a factory working all day. But that is the only way they are going to earn money. So if we take that away from them, they won't have any money for food and they will end up dead. But if we could find a way for school with out paying, that would be cool. But I still think that the children should work in a healthy environment. At least have more food and have access to a toilet. And clean water. Like Nike they have earned millions each year and still have not spent a cent on the kids. I want to change that. I have not had a mentor meeting for a while so I want to make one as soon as possible. My goal for this holiday is to finish a lot of pages in my journal and to think of at least one more action idea. Then I will help organize the wiki and plan a mentor meeting. I try to write down everything and take a lot of notes for this unit. I really want to impress the teachers and show them what I can do. I am not sure what my partner, Olivia is doing for the holidays. But we will definetly assign some homework for ourselves. I have got some replies from some students and the grade 5sm co-teacher Kasumi. I hope it will help me with action ideas. So, that was my reflection of the exhibition. Thank you!