One-Man Star Wars was THE BEST!!!!!!!! SO much fun!!!!!
There was a Canadian actor that played all the characters of the 5th 4th and the 6th movies of Star Wars. His name was Charles Ross. When my family and I sat down on our seats, (We had front row seats!!!!!!! The totally front ones!!!!!) I saw 9 people from HKA! Leo, Oscar, these two other girls from third grade, Darcy's brother, Then another kid from second grade, Oscar's little brothers and something like that, but I saw  them!! Then like in all the other movies, they played like the Star Wars song, but his stage had nothing on it and he was wearing a black suit and nothing else, there wasn't anything on the stage.
So he had to sing the song and it was really funny! He also added all these different funny things!
It was hilarious! He talked really fast but that was another reason to make it funny and at the end a kid on the front row seat he just like jumped off but he actually fell off and first I thought that that was kind of rude to the actor but luckily he could make a joke about it (witch was funny!) But when he made the sound of the guns and the shouting of the space ships, he spit a lot and cause I was in the front it landed on me and I was discusted!!!!! But I really enjoyed it and he is coming back to Hong Kong to do the same thing but One-Man Lord of the Rings. The cool thing is, that he wrote the play all by himself!