We had our parent student teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday.Mine was on Thursday.Mr.Birch and Sally were waiting by a table for my mom and I to come and sit down.
At school every student in grade 5 had to fill in a page about goals,there was space in every column to write about a different goal.Then I had to read my goals.And talked about each of them after I read them out loud.If our parents wanted to talk to Mr.Birch or Sally without us in the room for a while,we just went out of the classroom and waited.I was glad that I didn't have to leave the room!Cause you never know what they are talking about!
My brother's conference was the first one of the day in grade 2,so we had to wake up super early so that we were not late.Cause if we were late,every one in grade 2 would be late!
But I have to admit that its best to have your conference in the morning,so that we have more time in the day to have fun!
I hope that everyone's hollidays were fun!