On Sunday I went to Clio's house. First when I got there, we ate at my favorite restaurant called Christal Jade. Her mom, dad, sisters, brother went with us. We were there for a really long time eating a disgusting amount of food. Then we got some frozen yogurt and and got a ride home. We dropped all of her siblings off and her parents gave us a ride to the park. We got some money and bought candy. Only Clio did, but I got a lolly pop at the end. We walked around a little bit and talked for a while. Then we walked down and we saw a really fat cat just sitting outside a really old house. Clio and I stopped walking and looked at the cat. All of a sudden the cat opened it's mouth and let out a loud scary shrieking sound. Clio and I ran away from it as fast as we could and bought more food. Then Clio showed me a secret way out of the park. We took that way and walked down a big hill. I saw a really big shell and wondered what was inside it. But it was so old and gross so I didn't want to. Clio ended up flipping it over for me and we saw this brown slimy sticky gross thing inside of it. It was so gross! It was a bit weird. Then we walked and talked some more and called her parents so that they could come pick us up. Her driver drove to the park and drove Clio and I home. We went to the game room and tested out her microphone, and it made a big loud peeping sound. We tried to make all the sounds witht he microphone possible. Then we played some of her instruments and sat down. We played a game that Clio kept beating me at. We had a drink and then her driver drove me home. Her dog jumped in the car with us and kept walking over me! Then I got home and wished my brother a happy birthday.