Welcome to my parent, teacher, student blog post. In this blog post you will read about areas that I have improved and what my goals are for the end of the year, and even some future goals. I have linked to examples of work within my E-portfolio to show you how I am doing.
As a writer I think i have improved in so many areas. This piece of writing shows how I used to write. I wrote about the last day of AIR (Artists In Residents.) I think I didn't put enough detail in the blog post and it was way to short. I think I improved in this blog post. And I have been improving in way more of my blog posts. And in that blog post, I wrote about my goals. I have achieved all of the goals I set myself in the beginning of the year. Below this post I have marked myself with a rubric for this post.
My Goals
In January we all wrote about are goals for the end of grade five, and since i have achieved those goals, I have set my self new ones.
Short Term Goal:My short term goal is not to make my blog posts super long anymore because the reader will think it is boring and he or she won't read it anymore.
My Long Term Goal: My long term goal is to be more creative in my writing and also to be more detailed when I am describing something.
My Profile
A few weeks ago Andy asked us to write a blog post about the profiles we made at the beginning of grade 5. Go here to go to the blog post about it. We had to write about the three learner profiles that describe ourselves best. My three learner profiles were Thinker, Caring, Risk-Taker.
We have done lots of unit of inquiries this year but my favorite unit was, I Believe. I liked that one a lot because I learned about so many different religions and I found it very interesting. Below is a piece of scanned work. When we went to a field trip to the Cathedral Church. I took notes about what the Priest said and wrote it all in my I Believe Journal. I am proud of this page because I was very neat and I have written a lot of information down.
Math is not my favorite subject, but I have learned a lot this year in math. Especially the times where I knew the answers and just got to work with out being or getting distracted. My favorite parts in math were when we played fizz buzz. And when we did fraction work. I like to learn about that stuff. And fizz buzz is really fun to me because I am really good at it and i won four times in that game. And i have definitly improved with math. Not as much as I wanted, but I will do better next year.
Thank you for reading my blog post about what I have done this year so far. I hope you know more about me.