In school we were asked some questions for the exhibition. The questions were: What have we done so far for action? Is there an area we are proud of? What will people learn when they come to our exhibition? Do we have any concerns about the exhibition? What do we need to do? And in this blog post will answer those questions. Just as a reminder incase you forgot what my group is doing for the exhibition. We are doing Child Labor. There are 2 people in my group, Olivia and me. We have to take action on this problem. And what we have done for action so far is: 1. We have made a video full of facts and pictures. Some of the facts are about how many companies use child labor, which ones they are, if they still use child labor, how many children in Hong Kong have to work and How many children all around the world have to work as well. Also what the different kind of jobs are. There are a bunch of pictures too. Pictures of children working and stuff. That is only one thing, but we are planning to do lots of other things. Like make a lot of papers saying which companies use child labor, that way, People will stop buying from those companies. Another idea is to get as many people as we can to sign our petition. We will put them on the doors of every classroom and also at the exhibition. We will give a little presentation to some classes about telling them why to sign it. Then when we are done, we will send it to some of the companies that use child labor in china. Because we are focusing on child labor in china. I am not sure if there is an area I am super proud of...I am proud of the video I made. I worked really hard on it. I want people to learn all kinds of facts about child labor. And if there are people like my brother who don't know what child labor is, I want them to go back to their classrooms knowing the answer to what child labor is. I am a bit worried about the exhibition. I can't believe that two months of work is over. There are only 2 school days of action left. So I really want to be my best. On the other hand, I am quite excited about the exhibition. And I hope lots of people wil learn about child labor when they come and visit our table. We planned everything out perfectly.