Sports day was really fun. We went to Aberdeen to do this. There was a big race track in a circle and in the inside there was a big grass field. First we just walked around yelling our chant. And every time Andy yelled 'Dead Ants' we had to pretend we were dead on the floor. We watched the middle school people run for a while and then we started to play sports games. First we played the game wich was a soccer game but we split up in two groups and then we had to dribble around a bunch of cones and try to score. I think I was pretty good at being the goal keeper. But for the rest I think I am very bad at playing the actual game. Then we played a game where we all had to line up next to a cone and throw a tenis ball from one side of the line to the other as fast as we could. My group lost the first round but we won the second one. Then we ate our snack and ran around yelling our chant a little more. We filled up our water bottles and played some more games. I can't remember all the games we played and all the games we played in a row. But I remember that we played flag football, the three footed race, I'm late for school, Running race, Sponge wars or something, and a game where you get big bouncy balls and you had to do different activities with them. Last but not least we did the running race. We only had to run 100 meters. I had to go to the bathroom because I was so nervous. So it slowed me down and I only came in fourth. We also had lunch but that was before this. Then we all got together and split up in our bus lines. Some people went ice scating with somw class members but I didn't. I had a playdate with Abby, but that is a whole different story.