On Saturday we woke up early to go to the beach and snorkel. My mom, my sister and I went out snorkeling in the beach but my brother was to scared to go that deep. Then we went out and left him on the beach, my mom went to go check on him every so often. When we were in the water far out, we saw lots of coral and fish every where. We brought with some bread to feed the fish and all of a sudden a bunch of fish started to swim up to us and kill each other just for food! My mom and I saw a Clown fish and this weird fish that looked really hippie! After for about an hour we went back tot he beach and walked over to the Aqua (It's a restauraunt at my hotel) We ate lunch and then dived in the pool! After that it got really late and we all dressed up nicely so we could go out to eat dinner but nobody wanted to so we ended up just eating at the hotel. Room survice.