Monday was a long day, but when I finally arrived in Seoul, Korea, I couldn't have been any happier. I left with my family to Seoul for the easter vacation which is a week long from Friday to Sunday. The first day we just sort of sat in our hotel rooms. We have two of them (With the cool Japanese toilets! They have seat warmers and a bunch of other stuff you can do with it. :) So funny! They have them all over Seoul!) One room has three beds, for my sister, brother and me. It also has a bathroom and a TV. And there is a door in our room that takes us to the parents' room. With one big bed, a bathroom and a TV as well. My sister took a nap while my brother played with his toys for a while. I was in my bed reading and my dad and mom were on the computer. Then we left for dinner, because we came in the afternoon. The time difference is one hour later then in HK. Seoul reminds me of HK when you look out the window and if you go to some of the markets. But for the rest it just reminds me of Brussels. I don't know why. The city just kind of looks like it and the buildings are not as tall as in HK. It is a very interesting place. The thing that I noticed about Seoul is that they love garlic. If anyone would ask you about the food here, the first thing you would say is the garlic, because it's also the first thing you would taste and smell. The smell in the city is a little much for me, it makes me feel gross and sticky. But lets get back to the part when we go out into the city market and grab some dinner. The market was interesting. Lot's of little toys and junk everywhere. My mom collects wind up toys, she has 425 plastic ones. So that is also what we were looking for. I saw a lot of American stores, I missed those stores. They don't have them in HK. For example, Dunkin'Donuts. We have it for breakfast here everyday because the breakfast downstairs is to expensive. And Taco Bell, one of my favorite fast food restaurants. After going shopping for a while we got some dinner. Then we went to a buffe but I didn't love it super much. It kind of grossed me out. But the pizza was good! We went home and got ready for bed. I had trouble sleeping. I always have that problem in hotels. But that sure was an exciting day! I couldn't wait for the next andventure in Korea. Just come by again and read all about it!