This was the first activity we ever did this year in grade 5. Alone. We wrote down on a piece of paper which learner profile describes us best. Then we have to write why. But only for one of them. We had to print out a picture of ourselves and then glue everything on a different piece of paper. The three learner profiles I chose were, Thinker, Caring and Risk-Taker. I wrote why I am a risk-taker. And down bellow says why. And the completed project. Everyone had to do it. First I thought it wouldn't look good, but it turned out to be pretty amazing. I worked really hard writing it, decorating it, writing with different fonts, cutting everything out perfectly and especially looking good on the picture. I always look bad on pictures where I am super close to the camera and my head is the only thing in the pic. My face like puffs up and I look like a total geek! At least the picture wasn't to bad.
I think I am not much of a thinker now. Because I get a bit stressed if I spend too long time on a question. Or if I am taking a tested and I am the last one taking it, everyone finished. I sort of rush through it then and I get most things wrong. If I were to replace that learner profile, I would say I am more of a reflector now. And maybe open-minded. I am having a bit trouble making up my mind of those two. But I would choose reflective because I use my blog a lot to reflect on what I did every day. And Open-minded because I am always there for my friends. I don't care if someone is different from me. And I am always looking for another friend. But some of my friends give up on me and move on. This is why I try to be friendly to others.