On Friday my family and I went to one of the biggest and most important boats in the world; The U.S.S. Nimitz boat! It was really exiting and really big!!! We first had to take a little boat with a bunch of other people into the middle of the sea, the reason it was in the middle of the sea is because the boat is too big to go in the shallow part of the ocean and then we got off on to the big boat. The little one made me a bit sick...

When we got there into the big Nimitz boat, we saw a HUGE room with lots of boxes and fighter planes. It's an American boat. I took a picture with a couple planes but there were about 73 planes a.k.a way to many to take a picture with! There were so many people that day so we all split up in groups and each group got their own guide who told us everything about the boat and every room we went to he had to explain what it was for and who worked there.

Our guide talked a lot in each room very loud and full of exspresion. It was really obvious that he liked his job. He was one of the fighter plane pilots. This is a picture of the boat my dad took in the small boat on our way there.
First he told us about the planes and why they were there. He told us about the catapults and the every section of the plane. I learned a lot about it. Then we came to the room where the captain and the people who helped stear the boat. It was really big and lots of buttons everywhere.

He gave us some time to take pictures and then he showed us the last room. Well, it is not the last room in the whole boat, but it is the last room he could show us other wise we wouldn't have enough time and the other people wouldn't get a turn. The last room was a very dark room and lots of screens everywhere. He showed us a quick movie about the old pilots and then explained to us what the screens did.
Then we got back on the little boat to go home. And when we were back on land it was about 15:00 so we decided to have lunch becuase we left at 11:00 so we didn't have time. We ate at a fast food restauraunt and I had a hot dog with fries. We spend a lot of time there. When we got out of the restauraunt we were in a mall and I got my hair cut. So did my brother. Then we all went home.

It was really fun!! And a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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