My grandfather came to Hong Kong Sunday morning and we went to stanley to have lunch there and show him around a bit. He came all the way from Chicago! We had ice cream too. Then on Monday my brother didn't go to school so that he could show my grandpa HK park. And the zoo in front of my building. Than they went home and my sister and I came home from school. Than on Tuesday I was sick, but I didn't want my grandpa to do nothing all day and stay home with me, so we hiked up the Peak to go to the Peack Tower. Than we had lunch up there and took the Peak tram down. My sister came down with my brother after that. Wednsday we had to go to school, so he was just working for the morning and then brought us up the Peak (with the tram) to have dinner. Tomorrow will be tricky, because I don't know what he's going to do without anyone who knows something about Hong Kong alone for 7 hours. But we'll figure something o