The blogging challenge is over now, and the Edublogger is looking for a blog to give the award too. I think that I should get the award because I blog at least once every two days and I am very good with linking my blog to other websites and pages. I am very descriptive and I might not have done every challenge, but I am definetly trying to. Another blog I think is very very good is a blog by Sidhonie. She blogs all the time, she is on her blog every day writing a post, Sidhonie adds pictures in her posts every once in a while, not too much but she seems to know when it is okay to put a video in your blog or a picture in your blog or not. Her catagories are very organized and you get to a post so fast because of that. I really admire her blog and I visit it every day! If you want to go to the student blogging challenge website to find what the current challenge is, click here.