This morning we had the grade 4 play. They obviously worked hard on every little bit of the play. But I was stilla little jealous that they got access to a lot more things then we had last year. They got to play on the stage, we had to play on the gym floor. They got to have costumes, we had to be in our school uniforms except for three people, They got to use sound affects and lighting, We on the other hand had to make the noises ourselves and didn't get any lighting. Their performance was a bit more enterteining to watch then ours and it was way longer. It didn't have much of a point or a problem. Ours had a point and a problem. But their's was funny cause they got to dance and fight and put funny bits in it. It was fun to watch and they did really well, but it would be perfect if there was a problem or else it would be boring. It had a bunch of different parts in it and they were all really random. But for the rest I loved it! Good job to grade 4!
3/23/2010 02:04:01 pm

I really enjoyed the Grade 4 play! They did a fantastic job acting out their own roles. I love the dance they did. Well done grade 4! Too bad I didn't get to see you perform on the gym floor last year. I am sure it was very entertaining though.


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