I sadly have to tell everybody who has been reading my blog some bad news. Andy has done everything to let us keep our blogs next year, but we can't. So he is shutting down our blogs on Wednsday. I am afraid that this is my last blog post. I will really miss writing in my blog because it has become something I do everyday. With out it, it will be really weird. But luckily I will keep my blog on a disc so I can go on it anytime. I can't make any changes to it, but I can go and visit it. I will miss this. Enjoy reading my last blog post.
your papa
6/7/2010 09:21:50 pm

Astrid---you have done a great job all year with your blog. It is really fantastic. I was going to ask if we could get a copy so it would not get lost but it seems you are already getting it on a disk.

Auntie Jane
6/8/2010 10:08:16 am

I agree...you're a fantastic writer and I hope you'll keep on blogging elsewhere.

6/10/2010 07:00:06 pm

Thanks! I will ask my mom about having a blog next year and i will give everyone the link so they can visit it. I will not stop blogging though. It has become a hobby and I dont want to stop doing it.


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