This post is for my student led conference. I am going to write about how well I think I did this year. There are pieces of scanned work and a voicethread I made earlier in the year. My favorite unit was when we learned to describe ourselves (personal information) After that, we used the same information to discribe our best friends. That was a problem for me because I have many best friends. So, down below is the voicethread I made about one of my best friends. And below I wrote a paragraph about another best friend. Hope you enjoy!
This is a scanned piece of work. I wrote a paragraph about one of my best friends in my Chinese workbook in characters and a bit in pin yin and English.
This is another work I am proud of, my textbook. i have kept it neat in the inside more then on the outside though. But this page is very good and I got everything right. It was also fun to do.
Another unit that I really liked to do was the unit from the fashion show. This is a link to the page. I will continue to reflect in this below.

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