I don't like math very much. I feel that I am not doing so well in math because of that. But if I just focused and tried a little more, I think it would become more fun. We are assigned to go on mathletics every day for twenty minutes. I do that sometimes but I don't get good scores anymore. I am improvig a little though. But if I tried harder, I think I would get there. What has helped me, is when we were assigned to finish math sheets, before I take them home, I usually go to Andy and he helps me understand what to do. We go over a couple of the questions and he tells me how to get them I think that is very helpful and because of that, I have been doing so much better then how I did in the beginning of the year.
A while ago we were asked how we would spend 1 million dollars. And my answer was spending three days with the Jonas Brothers and stay with all of my friends and family at the vanieshen for 1 week. The Jonas Brothers would be there too. I would set up a concert for them and pay for everything. I had to pay for 60 helicopters to go to Macau because that is where the vanieshen is. Then I had to pay for rooms for everyone and for the Jonas Brothers too. I had to pay for the stage the lighting and everything like that. I also had to pay the Jonas Brothers for coming and I would buy tickets for everyone in this 5 star hotel. And then I gave people free toys and food and drinks while they were waiting for the concert to start. wWe had to research all of this information. And I think I did very well. I think we were doing this because we have to learn how to research stuff like this. For example, if we wanted to go on a plain to someplace we have to learn how to pay for that and get tickets. My work was done very well.I enjoyed it a lot and I think I became really good with this kind of stuff. I know where to but my tickets for things like airplains and concerts. Too bad I couldn't really spend all that money. It would have been great!
I think I did good at my speed sheet. A speed sheet is a sheet of multiplications and we have 2 minutes to solve them all. Then you right down how fast you did it. I am very fast at it. And this sheet I didn't get to finish because my partner did it more then me.
You can go to to practice your math in a fun way!
Every morning we get a math word problem to solve in our book. I think that I was very neat in my book. I tried my best and because I did I got most of them right, I think I am very good at these but they can be tricky sometimes. I can solve them quickly but I do spend some time going over them to see if I got them right. This is a page with four of them on it.
This was homework once. I found it fun even though it wasn't really a game.
Math is very important so the way I practice sometimes is playing mathematical games online. They can be very fun! You are learning at the same time, but you don't notice because you are playing a fun game. It works!
This is a fraction card game to practice and learn fractions.