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This is one of the biggest Unit Of Inquiries for this year in Grade 5. Down bellow you will see all of my groups' information so far. Please try to help with this problem outside of school too.
Child Labor

This is me. I am one of the members in my group.

This is Olivia. She is the second member in our group

Questions we were asked about child labor

I answered the questions bellow with my partner Olivia.
What is Child Labor? Child Labor is when a child has to work for a living. They usually start when they are 5 to 6 years old. And end at 18. It doesn't sound so bad right now but they do not get educated or go to school. They work because they are so poor and that is the only way to earn money. They do not have access to lots of things including clean air, clean water, shelter, education, health and much more things. They are treated so badly! Besides, they earn a very poor amount of money each year.
Give me at least three facts about child labor in china. Okay. Did you know that there are 2,000 children in HK that work for a living. (Child labor)And 6,000 Children in China do that too. And 61% of the children in Asia do child labor. Do you know how bad that is?

Yes, that sounds horrible. Anything else you have learned over the past weeks? I have learned a lot over the past weeks! It has gotten more interesting every day! I know that the children have to get married at age 15 and have a baby at age 16. They do that so that they can have more people working in their factories. But remember the children are forced! And the company Apple uses child labor in their factories. Nike too.
Interesting. Imagine you are one of those children, what would you do? Keep the job. If that is the only way to earn money for them, then I would just keep it. But lots of organizations help stop this problem. So if I would ever see one of those people, I would be super nice to the person who was trying to help. He/she would decide to help me. And governments are starting to go against it too. So I would just hope for the best. Maybe try to sneak out every once in a while but I have a feeling that would fail.
Alright, I learned a lot from you.What are you planning to do for taking action? My mentor, Elizabeth Merindino, came up with a great idea. We are going to take a video of the class and try to make them smile but not look at the camera. Then we would go to the music room with everyone in one of the classes and they would pretend they were under child labor and they would be frowning all the time. We will make the costumes and the back round and we will use a gray colored camera effect do that it makes it look even more dramatic. They would know how it feels like to be doing child labor and we would also be showing it at our presentation. The children who would come to our part of the presentation, would have to do all the activities that the children in child labor would have to do.
Boys- carry bricks from one place and make a wall at the other place.
Girls- carry water on a stick and they would sew buttons on materials. We will tell the children how it works and that would be one of our action ideas. By letting the other people know how it feels. Interest them and talk them in to taking action.


This is the T-shirt I made. Not lots of people voted for it because I mostly wrote what I was going to do, not draw it. The -shirt below I voted for. I think it is great. Go to to vote for which shirt you want us to wear on the exhibition day.

These are all of the designs.

My Exhibition Reflection no.2

In school we were asked some questions for the exhibition. The questions were: What have we done so far for action? Is there an area we are proud of? What will people learn when they come to our exhibition? Do we have any concerns about the exhibition? What do we need to do? And in this blog post will answer those questions. Just as a reminder incase you forgot what my group is doing for the exhibition. We are doing Child Labor. There are 2 people in my group, Olivia and me. We have to take action on this problem. And what we have done for action so far is: 1. We have made a video full of facts and pictures. Some of the facts are about how many companies use child labor, which ones they are, if they still use child labor, how many children in Hong Kong have to work and How many children all around the world have to work as well. Also what the different kind of jobs are. There are a bunch of pictures too. Pictures of children working and stuff. That is only one thing, but we are planning to do lots of other things. Like make a lot of papers saying which companies use child labor, that way, People will stop buying from those companies. Another idea is to get as many people as we can to sign our petition. We will put them on the doors of every classroom and also at the exhibition. We will give a little presentation to some classes about telling them why to sign it. Then when we are done, we will send it to some of the companies that use child labor in china. Because we are focusing on child labor in china. I am not sure if there is an area I am super proud of...I am proud of the video I made. I worked really hard on it. I want people to learn all kinds of facts about child labor. And if there are people like my brother who don't know what child labor is, I want them to go back to their classrooms knowing the answer to what child labor is. I am a bit worried about the exhibition. I can't believe that two months of work is over. There are only 2 school days of action left. So I really want to be my best. On the other hand, I am quite excited about the exhibition. And I hope lots of people wil learn about child labor when they come and visit our table. We planned everything out perfectly. This is aslo readable in my blog.

My exhibitioin Reflecyion no.1

I have been working really hard on my exhibition project, like working on our action ideas and stuff. But yesterday, when I was sitting down writing in my journal, Andy mentioned something I would never have thought of before. He said that our perspective about child labor is that it is bad and we want the children to learn and go to school. But other people might think that it is good because that is the only way to earn money, or like Erin said: 'I think it is good because it shows them who is boss' I don't take it badly or anything. But I sent an email to everyone in grade 5 asking what their perspective is. It gave me a lot to think about that night so I talked to my mom about it. We sent an email because we thought it would help us with action ideas. Because that thought changed all of my ideas. My perspective about child labor changed. I think it is bad for them because they want to learn and go to school. They don't belong in a factory working all day. But that is the only way they are going to earn money. So if we take that away from them, they won't have any money for food and they will end up dead. But if we could find a way for school with out paying, that would be cool. But I still think that the children should work in a healthy environment. At least have more food and have access to a toilet. And clean water. Like Nike they have earned millions each year and still have not spent a cent on the kids. I want to change that. I have not had a mentor meeting for a while so I want to make one as soon as possible. My goal for this holiday is to finish a lot of pages in my journal and to think of at least one more action idea. Then I will help organize the wiki and plan a mentor meeting. I try to write down everything and take a lot of notes for this unit. I really want to impress the teachers and show them what I can do. I am not sure what my partner, Olivia is doing for the holidays. But we will definetly assign some homework for ourselves. I have got some replies from some students and the grade 5sm co-teacher Kasumi. I hope it will help me with action ideas. So, that was my reflection of the exhibition. Thank you! This is also readable in my blog.

What I am choosing for the exhibition

In grade 4 I was learning about child labour, and I found it really interesting. I wanted to learn more about it but we didn't get to do the presentation on all the great research we had. For the exhibition, I would like to choose child labour.I really want to focus more on that and make a difference.  UNICEF is an organization that helps children like that. And Rugmark too. My old helper in Belgium, goes to India a lot and helps the poor people there and helps stop the child labour, so that they can go to school. I would like to interview her about that and ask her some questions so it could help my group more. I am in a group with Olivia Van Honk. But we will have to take action in HK. So we'll try to contact some other people who know more about this and maybe have a little field trip somewhere. This is also readable in my blog.